Samus vs Megaman X: Attempt #2

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Samus vs Megaman X: Attempt #2

Postby TheAccursedHunter01 » 12.07.16 2:19am

This debate was attempted once before on this site, but I felt it wasn't set up as well as it could have been and didn't get much attention for whatever reason. I have also seen plenty of other debates through the internet, and they mostly end up as a clusterfuck with no definite answer. Arguments either have overwhelming support and evidence for either X or Samus, not both. The debate from the Vs Battle Wiki ended up being Composite Samus vs Composite X, good luck getting anywhere.

The purpose of this thread, as the title suggests, is to discuss who would win in a fight between Samus and Megaman X. For this debate, Samus and X will have a set arsenal. Samus will have everything she has, 100% completion at the end of Super Metroid minus the Hyper Beam but plus the Scan Visor. I'm adding the Scan Visor because it is in every single Prime game and seems to be present in Other M in some capacity, therefore I consider it a basic part of her suit since she has never lost it like in the beginning of Prime 1. Megaman X will have the X5 version of the Ultimate Armor since the Nova Strike isn't a one hit kill and no infinite weapon energy, 4 Sub Tanks and 1 Weapon Tank, as well as his X1 weapon set. X has never had more than 8 weapons at a time (Command Mission might be different, but that's an RPG and only happened once, so I consider that and outlier and Command Mission X is stupid powerful), and his X1 weapons are his most varied and in a way most recognizable since X1 is often heralded as the best X game. X had 4 Sub Tanks in X1, since I'm using the X1 arsenal, I'll go ahead and be generous and give X 4 Sub Tanks as opposed to the 2 he gets in X4. I've set up this arsenal for them both since I've given them what I consider a "basic arsenal" of sorts. For Samus, she usually ends most games with the power ups from Super Metroid, minus a few exceptions (Diffusion Missiles, Diffusion Beam etcetera) like Fusion and Prime 1. Deciding what to give X was more of a challenge since his armor upgrades and weapons change form game to game, so I gave him what I consider to be his most iconic without being too OP.

I have an extensive explanation for who I believe will win in spoiler section. For those who don't want to read everything, this paragraph will serve as a TL;DR. This match up is probably the fairest Death Battle for both characters, however, I believe Samus will end up the victor, however slim that victory may come. Samus and X are very similar, with many of their abilities either matching or cancelling each other out. For example, X's dash gives him superior horizontal mobility, while Samus' Space Jump and better jump height in general giver he a vertical mobility advantage. However, the one glaring advantage Samus has is durability, and an extensive advantage at that. X gets instant killed by spikes and lava, Samus doesn't. X takes 5-7 hits form final bosses to die while Samus can last a long while. The only glaring advantage I think X has is a strength advantage. I say this because Megaman Classic held up a giant tower, which blows any strength feat of Samus out of the water. Since X is bigger, faster, stronger than Classic, so X should be stronger than his classic counterpart. However, in a gun fight, I don't think X's strength advantage will come in to play often, if at all. From what I can tell, Samus is more experienced in close quarters and has proficiency with grappling. She's been able to fend off creatures more powerful than her when they get close, so I don't think X will be much different. Due to their similar abilities, the battle will most likely become a war of attrition, where I believe that Samus will be able to outlast X in the end.
Samus and X have abilities that would either match each other or cancel out one another, to the point that the battle will most likely end up being a war of attrition, and I think that is where Samus will take it. Samus can survive things that X cannot. X dies instantly when he touches lava and spikes, while Samus can survive both. Spikes always hurt Samus but their damage can be significantly reduced via armor upgrades, and the Gravity Suit negates lava damage completely. I haven't played many Megaman games, but from what I can tell, X can't take very many hits, especially before X receives an armor upgrade to increase his damage resistance. Going off of Megaman X1, X with a maxed out health bar and all of his armor upgrades, can tank about 5-7 hits from Sigma's final form before his health is either depleted or he's on death's door. So if X hasn't filled up all 4 Sub Tanks, he'll be in trouble (unless you're really good and only get hit once or twice). Samus is capable of tanking many attacks from her final bosses, to the point that many boss battles in the Prime series last a good 10 or so minutes, like the final boss of Primes 2 & 3. Going off of this, it would stand to reason that full power Samus (end of Super Metroid) is more durable than full power X. If I were to compare X and Samus' health, I'd say that X's fully maxed out health bar is comparable to about 2-3 of Samus' Varia/Gravity Suit Energy Tanks. 2 x 5(Sub Tanks + full maxed out health bar) = 10, not as many Energy Tanks as Samus has. 3 x 5 = 15. Using Super Metroid Samus, her 4 extra Reserve Tanks would bump her total to 18 Energy Tanks, so Samus still has more health. The maximum amount of Energy Tanks Samus has had is a whopping 20 Energy Tanks from Fusion, but that seems a bit ridiculous.

In terms of weapons, X has many more weapons to choose from, having a maximum of 8 different weapons at any one time, on top of his trusty X Buster. Samus has her Beams, Missiles, Super Missiles, and Power Bombs. Samus may only have 4 weapons (not counting the Screw Attack), but she has an obscene amount of ammo. 230 Missiles, 50 Super Missiles, and 50 Power Bombs. Her beams have infinite ammo, and when fully stacked, is a spiraling beam of death that's taller than she is, can freeze enemies, and can go through walls and enemies. The amount of raw ammunition that Samus has can counter the fact that X has so many weapons at his disposal. Comparing Samus' fully stacked beam to the X Buster is sort of unfair. Samus' regular, uncharged beam shot is larger than X's level 2 shot, and can go through enemies, damaging them for every frame the beam is in contact with the enemy. Whether or not X's level 3 shot is as powerful as a charged stacked beam shot is debatable, but it takes so long to charge, X might not get a chance to use it, or any of his charged sub-weapons for that matter. Samus is very fast and can fire her weapons quickly, so getting off a level 3 shot could be difficult. In terms of weaponry, comparing the Screw Attack to the Nova Strike can be a bit hairy. Samus cannot use the Screw Attack on bosses, yet it can kill normal enemies in one hit. This might just be a game mechanic, but it's consistent throughout every Metroid game along with general touch damage. X's Nova Strike can work on bosses, and is the single most damaging attack he has, even in X5. The drawbacks for the Nova Strike are that it doesn't last long, travels in one direction and there's a small delay before X can use it again, while Samus can combine the Screw Attack with the Space Jump and maneuver through the air very well. I'd personally consider the Screw Attack and Nova Strike similar in power in this debate, like when Samus and the SA-X hit each other in mid-air with their Screw Attacks. They both got hurt, but the Screw Attacks were canceled out. That's another thing to debate I suppose.

The biggest advantage Samus has over X, other than her durability advantage, is that she can heal herself using 1 of 2 ways. The first is the Crystal Flash. If Samus is under 49 health, all Reserve tanks depleted and has at least 10 Missiles, 10 Super Missiles and 11 Power Bombs, she can lay a Power Bomb, and activate the Crystal Flash. This will consume 10 Missiles, 10 Supers, and 10 Power Bombs in order to heal Samus' Energy Tanks completely while filling up 1 Reserve Tank by 30 energy. Time freezes in Super Metroid when the Crystal Flash is used, so I'll just assume this move either happens ridiculously quick or she's invulnerable throughout. The second method is Concentration from Other M. Yes Concentration is stupid, but she is capable of doing it, so it would seem like it counts. My head canon is that Samus' Concentration allows her suit to take chemicals, energy, etcetera from the surrounding environment to heal a maximum of 3 Energy Tanks. Concentration also restores her missiles completely, so there's that too. Samus also has to have all of her Energy Tanks depleted for Concentration to heal her, and it takes about 5 second to pull off. Samus can heal herself, while X cannot. Although Samus has to be on death's door to use either of these techniques, the fact is she can do it. Since Samus has an Ice Beam, Samus could freeze X long enough to get off at least one of these techniques.
That's my introduction on the matter. I consider myself a Metroid expert since I've beaten every game at least once(not counting Prime Pinball, pinball was never my thing), own them all in some form, and have read every piece of side material I can find. However, I have played very little Megaman stuff, so If I got something wrong, feel free to correct me.

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Re: Samus vs Megaman X: Attempt #2

Postby Mea quidem sententia » 12.29.16 3:16pm

Vs Battles Wiki is a horrible, horrible place to visit. Their calculations are inflated to the nth degree. Anyway, I'm not a fan of composite forms because they're not canonical. I think X5 may be a good choice for X. Not that he could abuse infinite stuff, or at least not with dark hold since that's an upgrade in a different game. I personally would suspect Samus to win as well. We can consider power bomb yields in one of two ways. The first way is by finding how much energy would come from Uranium-235, a common fissile in nuclear bombs. The second way is by using G. I. Taylor's formula.

Here's the yield for 1 gram of U-235.

(1.00 g. 235-U) × (1 mol 235-U/235 g. 235-U) × (6.022 × 10^23 atoms 235-U/1 mol 235-U) × (3.2 × 10^-11 J/1 atom 235-U)
= 8.2 × 10^10 kg m^2/s^2

This is equal to 19 tons of TNT. Given the size of the power bomb, that's pretty reasonable. Not all fissile is used, and boosted fission bombs require less fissile, making them lighter. This yield is also close to the Davy Crockett nuclear bomb, which ranged from 10 to 20 tons.

G. I. Taylor's formula
Fortunately for us, this late British physicist did the math for us to end up with a small formula, because physicists and mathematicians like to make everything small and wrapped with a bow.

(R)^5 × ρ / t^2

R is radius to the fifth power, ρ is air density, and t^2 is time squared (not to be confused with Time Squares). Blast waves are in the supersonic range, or perhaps more accurately, hypersonic. Sound travels at 343 m/s at sea level. Explosions have a detonation velocity that exceeds this, reaching into the thousands. For example, silver azide has a detonation velocity of 4,000 m/s. That's the lowest I can find. I don't think the power bomb is made of silver azide, but let's say we worked with that as its detonation velocity. If this explosion can cover 30 m., then it would take 0.0075 (7.5 milliseconds) seconds to do so. Let's say air density is 1.225 kg/m^3.

(30 m.)^5 × 1.225 kg/m^3 / (0.0075 s)^2
= 5.3 × 10^11 kg m^2/s^2

This is equal to 126.67 tons of TNT. Either way, I don't see X winning.

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