Have you compleated all Metroid games with 100%?

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Have you compleated all Metroid games with 100%?

Postby craigrobbo » 12.21.16 7:03am

Alright guys.

I don't post all that much here but feeling a little active today so hopefully generate some good responses

So tell me, Have you completed all Metroid games and gotten 100% completion (items collected & Metroid Prime scans)

I am doing a 100% run of all games now, So far I have done AM2R (despite not being original) Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, Metroid Zero Mission Mext is Metroid 2 the return of Samus.

I have always found the Scans in Prime series very tedious and I am not really sure I can do it without getting fedup, So I might just do an Item collection.

The thing that bugs me is some things can only be scanned at one oppertunity so you cannot finish the game (or at least close to) then go back and get your scans.

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Re: Have you compleated all Metroid games with 100%?

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 12.21.16 4:07pm


2) I have done metroid prime 2 both, prime items, prime 3 both, super metroid, fusion, zero mission and other m. I have also beat prime 2 and 1 in their original actually hard mode I don't remember if I have done the same with prime 3 and finally I beat other m on hard mode as well.

3) I have a similar feeling towards prime 1 scans I no longer even bother with the terrible chozo lore ... I've read it in a bunch of orders, thought them over and then I realized ... nope the chozo lore still sucks.

if you ever want to destroy time that you'll never get back give all the chozo lore a read sometime I'm sure you'll regret it just a little bit.

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Re: Have you compleated all Metroid games with 100%?

Postby The Illustrative Man » 12.27.16 12:39pm

While I seriously enjoy exploring worlds and finding secrets, chasing 100% (especially without a guide) just ends up being a chore. Games are meant to be fun, so I'm not going to bother doing something I don't enjoy. My first runs usually hover around 85% completion, with later runs usually dipping pretty far down in percentage.

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Re: Have you compleated all Metroid games with 100%?

Postby Infinity's End » 12.29.16 11:29am

I have done all the 2D Metroids (including AM2R) but not the Primes. I 100%ed MOM as well.
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