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Create New Power Suit Upgrades

Postby TheChosenOne » 05.04.17 10:05am

So it occurred to me the other day that it's been a while (partly due to lack of games) since we've seen a new Power Suit come onto the scene, ESPECIALLY one that has a use outside of its particular game. Let's run down the list:

Permanent/Semi-Permanent Models:

Power Suit -- Base model. Three main designs (M1, M:OM, MF), all with the same basic functionality.
Varia Suit -- In all cases, adds resistance to extreme heat and cold and increases shield strength. In some cases, adds acid resistance. Useful in all games to varying degrees.
Gravity Suit -- Adds a localized gravity field to provide normal movement underwater, in space, and in other abnormal gravity environments. In some cases, adds lava resistance. Further increases shield strength. Useful in all games, but not directly used in all games.

Case-Specific Models:

Dark Suit -- Provides resistance to damage in Dark Aether's atmosphere, lessens overall damage. Useful only in Echoes.
Light Suit -- Nullifies damage from Dark Aether's atmosphere, lessens overall damage. Useful only in Echoes.
Phazon Suit -- Cancels damage from blue Phazon, increases shield strength, and allows for absorption of liquid Phazon to produce the Hyper beam effect. Potentially useful in Prime 1, 2, and 3 but only used in Prime 1.
P.E.D. Suit -- Similar effects to Phazon Suit, but designed to tap into Phazon within Samus's own body to produce Hyper Mode effects. Useful only in Corruption.
"Hazard Suit" -- Not technically a suit model, but an addition to the suit providing full shielding against acid rain, fuel gel, and (potentially) other corrosive or toxic materials. Useful in all games, but only featured in Corruption.
"SA-X Suit" -- Upgrade to the Fusion models returning Samus's full abilities from the SA-X. Technically, this suit only increases shielding over the other Fusion suits - the other upgrades tied to it are weapon-based. Potentially a permanent upgrade, but only useful as an alternative to the base Fusion model.

So then, what else can we see done to Samus's suit? I think one thing I wouldn't mind seeing is a stealth system of some kind...not necessarily a full-on cloaking system, but a suit that can provide camouflage or energy dampening to slip past tricky situations (doors that are locked when sensors are tripped, that sort of thing). The potential trouble is that this could mean the inclusion of stealth-based gameplay, which isn't really a highlight of Metroid.

Anyway, anyone else care to share ideas?
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Re: Create New Power Suit Upgrades

Postby Mea quidem sententia » 05.08.17 12:55pm

Stealth has been considered since Metroid Prime was released with the space pirates' camouflage technology. It wouldn't be enough to simply cloak oneself. Footsteps should also be muffled. Stealth is a concept I think some fans would enjoy seeing . . . er, well, not seeing. I have listed a few suits in the past.

Chrono Suit: Samus is immune to temporal manipulation, allowing her to remain in normal time.
Mirror Suit: Energy weapons are ineffective against Samus.


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Re: Create New Power Suit Upgrades

Postby Remnants » 05.12.17 8:16pm

All suit upgrades have featured increased resistance to damage and some of them, ultimately, increased environmental accessibility and mobility in some shape or form. With the Varia Suit, she could access hot and cold environments. The Dark and Light Suits do this with Dark Aether's atmosphere with the Dark Suit being like a half-assed Light suit in terms of functionality. Something the Light Suit did that no other suit upgrade has done is enable transportation through those beams of light you find at Energy Collectors. The Gravity Suit and Gravity Boost enable normal movement in liquid substances, allowing for enhanced mobility.

This has been the box that these suits have worked in.

Here's one idea. The Flux Suit -- named after the "statue of dimensional flux" of those pieces of equipment that exist in both Aether worlds. What this Flux Suit does is enable Samus to "phase through" specific kinds of materials.

Another would be a "Chaos Field" or "Entropy Shield." It's an enhancement of Samus' shielding but it's erratic. What this does is attenuate damage but does so unpredictably and randomly. The same "punch" would do inconsistent damage. At worst, damage attenuation is the same as the previous suit and at best, it might halve the damage. The short description would be "reduces damage unpredictably." In the case of a Prime-styled game where more lengthy explanations are given, Supposedly, this is the closest the Chozo ever got to making shielding that surpassed the Gravity Suit but never managed to solve the problem of keeping it homogenous.


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Re: Create New Power Suit Upgrades

Postby Xerkxes » 05.14.17 9:56am

Hyper Suit. (name pending)
overall capacity upgrade instead of an upgrade for a specific for a specific environmental hazard. It's named after the Super Metroid namesake beam, the Hyper Beam.
Once upon a time I had the idea of a Metroid Game where it was discovered that Metroid's store energy in pearly crystals or amber like we human do fat. And that the Space pirates or the evil sect of the federation ups their game due to installing these pearls into weapons and armor systems. Of course along the way Samus gets it too and uses the Crystals, making it a game were you can spend the crystals upgrade certain aspects of Samus upon defeating enough metroids. Eventually turning even the Hyper Beam from Super into a standard beam for her.

It essentially add some RPG elements to the strengthening of Samus... just without the grind of killing the same enemies over and over, the currency for upgrades must be found.

The ability to spend the crystals to upgrade extends to other abilities too.
Increased homing, proximity detonation, damage, velocity, etc.

RoF, damage, charge rate, Hyper,

General armor:
Damage reduction, build energy tanks, build recovery tanks, increase sensor effectiveness, etc.

Grapple Beam:
Length increases, re-institute the grapple voltage from MP3.

Speed Booster:
Speed increase, build-up time decrease.

Screw Attack:
Increased Radius. Increased Damage

And that's just to the standard stuff, not including any potential new abilities.
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