Why is there not a Metroid game phone app?

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Why is there not a Metroid game phone app?

Postby Cloaked_Phantom » 06.16.17 4:37pm

Not sure exactly what that would look like, but certainly there is a market for it?


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Re: Why is there not a Metroid game phone app?

Postby Xerkxes » 06.18.17 9:56am

Could always port over Metroid Pinball?

Frankly I'm not even sure what their going to do with the supposed Zelda App, much less Metroid.

Still, I'd be interested in seeing their shot at it, but I wouldn't expect it unless Metroid makes a comeback in a big way like Fire Emblem did.
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Re: Why is there not a Metroid game phone app?

Postby Zynux » 06.18.17 6:14pm

Metroid Pinball really does feel like a perfect little mobile app.
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Re: Why is there not a Metroid game phone app?

Postby Mxyl V » 06.18.17 8:59pm

I could imagine a Prime-style game that would rely on the gyroscope by turning the phone to look around 360°, though that wouldn't play too well on a train or crowded area (but then again, neither does Pokemon Go and that was a huge success).

Here's my basic outline for it:
  • The app would be widescreen and would feature a relatively shorter story with minimal connection to the main story arc.
  • One would turn the phone to look around, though possibly with a lock-on mechanic that wouldn't rely too heavily on the gyroscope.
  • Tap at enemies/doors to shoot them, though the lock-on function would let you tap anywhere and hit them.
  • There are indicators showing your beams and visors similar to those on Prime's HUD; you can tap there to change beams/visors.
  • No idea how movement or jumping would work beyond the onscreen transparent controls that we see in Sega's Sonic apps; I feel like there's got to be something more intuitive than those, though I can't think of anything at the moment.
  • Dedicated morph ball button.

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