What Exactly is Samus' theme?

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What Exactly is Samus' theme?

Postby TheAccursedHunter01 » 09.25.17 11:49pm

I believe that Samus' Theme was at first the "Crateria Surface" theme because it plays once Samus gets the Hyper Beam in Super Metroid and this:

Not only that, but in Super Metroid: Sound in Action, Samus' Theme is the "Crateria Surface" theme with a faster tempo. However, Smash Bros changed Samus' Theme to this:

Samus Returns officially states that the Super Metroid prologue song is Samus' Theme now:

However, the Super Metroid Credits Theme is sort of an extended/altered version of the Super Metroid prologue song:

Samus Returns is first game to for sure list what Samus' Theme is I think and MSR's version of Samus' Theme is listed as such in the archives CD that comes with the MSR special edition. I don't think Samus' Theme quite had the same outcome as Sephiroth's Theme, but Samus' Theme was never truly nailed down either, it's sort of fluctuated. For example, the Super Metroid Prologue Theme was used to represent the Federation in Prime 3, not Samus. A character's theme has got to give an impression of what that character is about/like or else the theme won't fit the character. The Super Metroid Prologue Theme fits Samus pretty well. It's mysterious, yet powerful and heroic when the main melody kicks in. However there's more to Samus then just that so the Super Metroid Credits Theme might fit better as Samus' Theme, unless the Super Metroid Credits Theme could be seen as an extended version of Samus' Theme/the Super Metroid Prologue Theme. Thoughts?


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Re: What Exactly is Samus' theme?

Postby Zynux » 09.27.17 12:06am

Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior from Brawl is a remix of the Super Metroid Ending Credits, don't forget.

To me, Crateria Surface is what I always saw as Samus' theme, despite how much it changed. While the Ending Credits and the Prologue are interchangeable with Samus too, I couldn't shake from the feeling of seeing them as Ending and Prologue themes.
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