Trillogy disc (wii) higher definition than (gamecube)??

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Trillogy disc (wii) higher definition than (gamecube)??

Postby chojin-zoku » 08.04.17 12:17am

Is there a definition difference between Metroid prime 1/2
On the gamecube (720p) Vs the wii???

What's the display "trillogy" disc for the wii ??

Mxyl V

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Re: Trillogy disc (wii) higher definition than (gamecube)??

Postby Mxyl V » 10.16.17 5:37pm

GameCube games, such as the first two Metroid Prime games, run at 360p; the Trilogy version took the resolution up to 480p, in addition to adding a widescreen display.

In addition, while Trilogy removed some effects from the GameCube Prime, they also took advantage of the Wii's extra power to double the resolution of some of the first two games' textures, if I'm not mistaken.

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