Who is the best hunter in Metroid?

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Who is the best Hunter in the Metroid series?

Samus Aran (Metroid Series)
Armstrong Houston (Super Metroid Manga)
Rundas (Metroid Prime 3)
Ghor (Metroid Prime 3)
No votes
Gandraya (Metroid Prime 3)
Kanden (Metroid Prime: Hunters)
Noxus (Metroid Prime: Hunters)
No votes
Spire (Metroid Prime: Hunters)
Sylux (Metroid Prime: Hunters)
Trace (Metroid Prime: Hunters)
Weavel (Metroid Prime: Hunters)
Total votes : 71


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Re: Who is the best hunter in Metroid?

Postby Zynux » 10.01.14 5:23pm

Sigh..I hope your joking. Your'e basically in love with Houston. :/ :X:

Emperor Ing is a pioneer of Houston propaganda factual reporting for more then 4 years and counting, and we love him for it. (Seriously, when you have the time read the threads above. They're hilarious)

Don't take it too seriously, even if Emperor Ing is probably 100% serious and very brash about it (I mean, we would be nothing without Armstrong. Hm? Samus you say? Who's that?) as it's a running joke here. Hell, just look at CapCom's recent forums posting updated rules:
Since you knuckleheads seem to want to test what is pornographic or not so badly:
1. No bare female breasts. Manly Armstrong Houston breasts are still allowed, since they are still legal in all 50 states of the Union and most foreign countries.
2. No bare behinds. Even if it IS Armstrong Houston.
4. Tight clothing showing impressions of nipples are allowed in some instances (see (6)). Yes, that does include Armstrong Houston.
5. Tight crotch (i.e. camel toe and Armstrong Houston's package) is a gray area. See (6).
Thus, I ask of you Cryptid10, embrace the all american hero that is :AH: . Emperor Ing may be brash and bold, but he is only concerned for your well being. After all, anyone who defies Armstrong never lives to tell the tale.

:AH: :AH: :AH:
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Re: Who is the best hunter in Metroid?

Postby Cryptid10 » 10.01.14 6:53pm

I know he is joking (I think). Their's just a part of me that finds it weird. Oh well, Houston is cool. We all can agree on that, I've just never read into him that much. Iv'e always felt this for characters that help out, but in other places and situations their never around. Like when people say Link should date Malon. She is in only 2 games, and she has character, but I've always felt people read into that stuff a bit too much. And yes, I do find the posts kinda funny, but weird too. :X:
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Re: Who is the best hunter in Metroid?

Postby Xandalf » 09.02.15 5:06pm

My favorite is Rundas, (duh) although I was tempted to select Armstrong Houston because of his manliness. :AH:
I love Samus, but Rundas is just so cool. I'd love to chill with him more often, but it was sad that he was put on thin ice in Metroid Prime 3, resulting in his death. That was pretty cold of Dark Samus to do. That wa when I gave Dark Samus the cold shoulder. It was nice knowing Rundas.

Okay, I'll stop! :P Also, I noticed a disturbing lack of love for Ghor. NO votes?

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