what is your favorite metroid prime suit and why?

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Re: what is your favorite metroid prime suit and why?

Postby Meta Ridley » 08.07.14 3:19am

Well, my favorite is the Varia Suit.

However, I personally like every suit and now I shall unleash a stream of text explaining my thoughts and feelings about each playable suit (not counting Fusion Suit versions) with a ranking for each:


Power Suit: (Fifth) The Power Suit is the first real suit we have in Prime (Zero Mission as well). The Power Suit was small and almost appeared rather weak compared to the bulkier and more detailed other suits featured in its games. It had no abilities, really, and that is why I like it. It's the base of your suit from which you work your way up and become stronger.

Varia Suit: (First) My favorite suit due to the sheer fact that it is ALWAYS there for you and is Samus' trademark suit. The effects it has (if any) varied from game but it was always a wonderful addition to your arsenal. If you don't have it yet, you know you're going to get it and when you do it'll be awesome. When I first played Prime (I was 7) and I saw a cutscene that was nothing like I had ever seen before of Samus' absorbing energy and gaining the Varia Suit in the end I felt so accomplished. Plus, it made giant shoulder pads cool. Even though upgrades will stack and the Varia Suit will always become somewhat obsolete it'll always be the suit you start with (or get soon).

Gravity Suit: (Seventh) The Gravity Suit is another suit that has appeared several times in Samus' arsenal with it commonly being the final suit. It being able to negate the effects of liquid hindrance helped greatly in Prime even if it was somewhat situational. Water was one of the most annoying things in that game and the Gravity Suit gave Samus the power to act like it wasn't even there, even though it still slowed down bullets and missiles. The color scheme was also a nice addition, especially the Morph Ball with the addition of the Spider Ball. I thought this was the final suit but then...

Phazon Suit: (Second) One of the hardest bosses in the game, the Omega Pirate, finally beaten after I died 5 times suddenly falls on me. I don't know what to do, then I see bubbles forming and the giant pirate's gets blown away and I see Samus in full shiny black armor with red lines. After seeing that I let out an audible gasp followed by a very triumphant "yes". The Phazon Suit (and its Morph Ball) was the coolest thing I have ever seen. It even has an aura around it and can resist Phazon which at the time I thought was some sort of super dangerous poison. The Phazon Suit is the final suit you get in Prime and even comes with a "kill the final boss" knife duct taped to it. The coolness of this suit was amplified when I stood in the Metroid Prime Phazon poo and my arm cannon got all crazy and Phazon colored. I then held down the firing button and launched a barrage of Phazon streams at Metroid Prime, it made amazing by the fact I could only do it against the last boss. Plus, at the end it was taken from you which resulted in the creation of Dark Samus which only makes it so much more cooler. The Phazon Suit is Samus' suit adapting to this sudden new element and evolving into something much greater.

Dark Suit: (Sixth) The Dark Suit was unusual to me at first. I didn't like the odd-shaped shoulder pads and the brown coloration was almost a mockery of the Phazon Suit from the previous game. However, this suit grew on me and I grew to like it. It had some protection against the death-air of Dark Aether and I could enjoy the gross purple bubbles on my arm cannon without dying incredibly fast. It also had a different design as opposed to Prime's simple palette swaps (It is Luminoth Technology after all). I inspected it much further and saw I liked the way it looked. It even gains an aqua jet backpack and a cool redesign of the Morph Ball after getting the Spider Ball.

Light Suit: (Third) The strangest suit of the trilogy in my opinion. You get it nearly at the end of Echoes and it just so happens to have immunity to Dark Aether's toxic air, poison water, and the tiny ing death swarms which is nice. You also get to travel through light beams which I thought was cool. Its design is definitely the hottest topic concerning it. It's all white, smaller than any previously gained suit, and has weird designs all over with a notable example known as the 'knee spear'. Its overall appearance is very smooth with circles on it in addition to it having lights coming out of Samus. Gaining this suit is an achievement and reflects that you got all of the energy back to the light world with the exception of the final portion that is in the Sky Temple. The Light Suit is the result of the Chozo and Luminoth's technology and seems to be the very embodiment of the light of Aether which Samus is fighting to save.

P.E.D. Suit: (Fourth) An overhaul of Samus' Varia Suit in a somewhat similar manner to the Fusion Suit. Additionally, the P.E.D. Suit was made to combat and weaponize that which infected her body which is another similarity to the Fusion Suit. The P.E.D. Suit, despite it appearing kind of boring at first with the egotistical Federation emblem on it, is definitely something outstanding. Sure, Prime 3 didn't have any different suits but this suit developed and changed over time be it in the form of gaining new Phazon abilities or the fact that its color changed to reflect the stages of Phazon infection in Samus' body. It wasn't perfect, and sometimes I think back and wonder why Samus didn't get smashed under a giant Phazon filled space pirate again just to get the Phazon Suit which would theoretically would have made Samus immune to Phaaze's atmosphere or any other Phazon based infections... But that's just it. The P.E.D. suit isn't perfect. It was flawed and Samus had to go with it because there was no obvious help. One feature of it was being able to see Samus' eyes when using the scan visor. This was done so you can see the effects of Phazon on her face and it was something I greatly enjoyed as I found it fascinating. The addition of the Hazard Shield was also neat because it added more to the suit and it made the entire suit glow orange-ish when in contact with something hazardous. The Phazon based weaponry was also really fun to use because of its immense power and cost behind it. Sure, you can fire off powerful Phazon shots but you lose your life as well, not unlike using the Dark Chips in the Mega Man Battle Network series. The permanent Hyper Mode and battle against Dark Samus made for one of my favorite fights in any game ever. Samus has become almost completely consumed by Phazon and she is fighting Dark Samus which was born from Phazon itself, both of them using the power of Phazon to the fullest. The P.E.D. Suit is humanity trying to control and gain from the corruption but ultimately corruption can't be used, it has to be destroyed.

I don't dislike any suit. I guess the reason why I like the suits is mostly based on their meanings and effects. An off-topic example would be the final Fusion Suit in Metroid Fusion after gaining the Ice Beam. It looks orange and boring like the default Samus Suits in every game but if you think about it, Samus absorbed herself. The SA-X was basically Samus albeit an evil version that came from a parasite and armor pieces, but Samus nonetheless. Sorry if I sound cheesy.

1: Varia
2: Phazon
3: Light
4: P.E.D.
5: Power
6: Dark
7: Gravity


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Re: what is your favorite metroid prime suit and why?

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 07.06.15 11:54pm

prime: powersuit because it looks awesome
echoes: light suit because by that point you are essentially invincible you can (limitedly) teleport. and you look awesome
corruption: 75% corrupted WITHOUT hadzard shield. Because that shade of blue looks just right ... I guess


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Re: what is your favorite metroid prime suit and why?

Postby Xandalf » 07.07.15 12:07am

Prime: The Gravity Suit. The Phazon Suit might come at a close second, but the Gravity in my opinion had a better color scheme and walking through water was very relieving.
Prime 2: Dark Suit. I liked it's design, actually. In fact a lot. Those shoulders are even more creative than the Varia's in Metroid 2. Never seen anything like them before. Also I was tired of waiting an hour in the light spot to recover before I got the Dark Suit.
Prime 3: Hazard Shield, I guess? The acid rain was quite annoying to walk through. Also whenever I unmorph balled (Whatever...) I was slightly irritated by how simple and weird the PED's shoulder were looking for some reason. The Hazard Shield fixed that well.


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Re: what is your favorite metroid prime suit and why?

Postby systemsready » 07.12.15 12:28am

Light Suit out of each and every single one of them.

It is the perfect marriage of practical and elegant.


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Re: what is your favorite metroid prime suit and why?

Postby Tuhlohr » 06.13.16 7:02pm

Dark Suit. I simply love it's design. It has sort of a Bio-Mechanincal look to it that Brings to mind H.R. Giger's art, and fits perfectly in the Metroid universe's Aesthetic. Ordinarily i hate character designs that are Brown in Grey, but I love it in this case because of how the Orange and Red Lights, and Green Arm Canon complement it. The Yo-Yo looking Shoulder's also keep that Intimidation factor in Samus' Silhouette while also keeping the Silhoutte very unique, they also allow for a biit more arm movement for Samus than the iconic Round Shouldered Varia and Gravity suits.


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Re: what is your favorite metroid prime suit and why?

Postby Slaran » 02.02.17 11:42pm

Phazon Suit

Looks great and adds more protection whats not to like?


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Re: what is your favorite metroid prime suit and why?

Postby MetroidRobotMaster » 02.05.17 5:23pm

1. Image 2. Image 3. Image .
I like how the Power Suit and Light Suit lightness shows Samus as an agile character, very capable of performing atletic moves.
...also the fusion suit but the colors
about the Gravity I like the purple, it makes Samus look cool.

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