Favorite places

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Favorite places

Postby metroidlover64 » 01.10.12 4:00pm

what are your FAVORITE places in Metroid Prime 1,2, and 3.


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Re: Favorite places

Postby SageMage » 01.12.12 10:55pm

Metroid Prime: I really enjoyed the atmosphere they had in Tallon Overworld. Simple theme, maybe, but the music, the plantlife, the rain, the story behind it... lovable.

Metroid Prime 2: Torvus Bog. 'Nuff said.

Metroid Prime 3: As a hole, I liked the tension experienced inside the Leviathan seeds. Maybe I'm just a weirdo.

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Re: Favorite places

Postby Space Pirate Fangirl » 01.19.12 7:23pm

In Metroid Prime I like Phendrana Drifts and Phazon Mines. In Metroid Prime 2 I like Sanctuary Fortress and Torvus Bog...both light and dark worlds for each. And for Metroid Prime 3, I like Bryyo and Pirate Homeworld.


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Re: Favorite places

Postby Toxsyl » 01.20.12 3:22pm

Prime: Tallon Overworld and Phendrana
Echoes: Agon Wastes
Corruption: Elysia, Pirate Homeworld, Norion


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Re: Favorite places

Postby Zynux » 01.22.12 9:11pm

Metroid Prime

Tallon Overworld: Probably the best "Jungle" themed level in Metroid. This was also before the time when the Jungle theme became abused to infinity in the metroid games (though I could be wrong). Landing on this planet really felt like I was thrown into an alien, yet somehow familiar world, isolated from everyone. A great way to start the hunt for Meta-Ridley.

Phendrana Drifts: Seems to be everyone's favorite level, and with good reason. Excellent music and atmosphere, as well as your infiltration of the Space Pirate Base as well as your encounter with Metroids.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Hydrodynamo (Torvus Bog: Subterranean): Love this level to death, surprisingly. Even though I generally detest mostly-underwater levels in many game franchises including Metroid, I felt that the Hydrodynamo did it right. Also, the music really did set the atmosphere perfectly. I was honestly disappointed when this level was over.

Sanctuary Fortress: Probably my favorite level in Prime trilogy, simply because it had it all. Great level design, great art, excellent music, great enemies, and had imo the best two boss fights in the game (Dark Samus and Quadraxis). My only disappointment was that you couldn't travel to the cool techno-city under the fortress. Which is kind of odd when you think about, since weren't the Luminoth completely destroyed (except U-mos or whatever his name is)? That city looked "active" with the lights and all.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Bryyo (Cliffside): Fantastic environmental design, and the music itself seems to teach the history of the inhabitants of Bryyo. The best "Ruins" level in all Metroid imo.

Skytown: This level right here showcases Retro's artistic talent to the fullest. Despite this level being a bitch to travel through, I'll forgive it for its awesome art, music, atmosphere, and lore. This level also helped me respect the Chozo more. Despite it being unnecessary and generally a bad idea game design wise, I really wished you could travel through ALL of Skytown (you can see even more of Skytown in the background. It would be cool to visit all of it). Also too bad Ghor was a pretty inefficient boss, but whatever.
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Re: Favorite places

Postby johnnypalooza » 02.25.12 3:15pm

Phendrana Drifts! I'm a big fan of snow levels in almost any game, but Phendrana Drifts had my favorite combination of music, visuals, and gameplay.

Unfortunately, I don't remember much from Echos. I'm playing it again soon.

Just started Corruption and I love Bryyo Cliffside. It reminds me of those Native America cave dwellings I liked so much from Elementary/Middle school.


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Re: Favorite places

Postby DarkPhazonElite » 03.27.12 12:30pm

In Prime I'd say Tallon Overworld and Phendrana Drifts. Both are well designed and have great music. :) Of course I have to agree with infiltrating the base and fighting the Metroids and then using the Thermal Visor! Honestly I like all of the worlds for their design.

Prime 2: So far the Sanctuary is pretty darn cool and Torvus Bog because of it's similarity to Tallon Overworld. Also have to go with the Hydrodynamo Station because of the music and it was an interesting level over all.

I haven't played MP3 too much but I got to Bryyo and everything I've seen up to that was pretty cool.


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Re: Favorite places

Postby KRAID » 05.02.12 12:59pm

In MP 1 its Phendrana Drifts and Magmoor Caverns.
In mp 2 its Agon Wastes and Torvus Bog.
And mp 3 its Elysia and Pirate Homeworld.

Loved the idea of a Pirate Homeworld.


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Re: Favorite places

Postby wraithdarksamus » 05.03.12 9:59am

In prime 1 I loved the Chozo Ruins best, with the ancient ruins belittled by the poison water, and then you kill Flaahgra and you can finally go for a swim. Which is nice.

In prime 2 its Sanctuary Fortress for its quite frankly awesome. I did though for some reason enjoy my time in Dark Temple Grounds. I just liked how this area had more of a vivid contrast to its light version, with the dark sky and its dark temple. Or maybe I'm an Ing?

Finally, in prime 3 it would have to be either Norion or the Pirate Homeworld, mostly because you get to see GF troopers, who are like Halo's spartans but they're crapper and theres more of them and they run into space pirate gunfire which is strangely funny. Maybe now I'm a space pirate?
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Re: Favorite places

Postby SLtheFMA » 05.03.12 11:58am

Prime 1:Phendrana Drifts.

Prime 2: I don't remember the name, but it's the main overworld that's surrounding the elevator to get to Umos. I like the designs of the Sanctuary Fortress and Torvus Bog, I just don't like playing them.

Prime 3: Bryyo


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Re: Favorite places

Postby DarkPhazonElite » 05.03.12 4:10pm

Prime 2: I don't remember the name, but it's the main overworld that's surrounding the elevator to get to Umos.
I believe that's Temple Grounds.

Now that I've finished MP3, I have to say Bryyo, the Leviathan Seeds, and Phaaze. All of the places were pretty neat, but these three stood out to me.

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Re: Favorite places

Postby Not Authorised » 05.06.12 3:28am

For me it's gotta be the Phazon Mines, the Sanctuary Fortress, and the Space Pirate Homeworld.

Basically, the parts of the game where you get your final upgrades and can use the full capabilities of your Power Suit. Every part of the games are pretty awesome, but it's always building towards the point where you get all your powers back, and that point has to deliver. Which I'd say they do a great job of in the Trilogy.
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Re: Favorite places

Postby HYRUL3 » 05.06.12 12:30pm

Prime- a tie between Phendrana Drifts and Magmoor Caverns. They both have awesome music and great atmosphere.

Echoes- Agon Wastes or Sanctuary Fortress. Anywhere not super depressing, aka not Dark Aether.

Corruption- Bryyo for sure. It had a good mix of locales and felt pretty organic for the most part.
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Re: Favorite places

Postby Dryn » 05.16.12 10:51am

  • Metroid Prime Phendrana Drifts
  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Torvus Bog
  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption SkyTown, Elysia

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Favorite Metroid Land Details

Postby Dark Samus Aran » 07.07.12 4:26pm

Well, this can be any of the Metroid Prime games and Other M.
I think this sould be a list- So, here goes,
  1. Metroid Prime - Phazon Mines, its giant and vast.

    Metroid Prime 2 - Sanctuary Fortess, its so- city, it makes me feel at home (or New York XD )

    Metroid Prime 3 - The G.F.S. Valhalla, sure other games used the name to, (alot actually) But, I love the whole thing of mystery and having to be alert to everything that happens around you.

    Other M - Probably Sector 3 - Fire and Magma, 'nuff said.
I wanted opinions on whatever land, place, and detail was your favorite. Hey, if you feel like putting your favorite 2D Metroid land and detail- shoot for it. :phazon:
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