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Re: Favorite places

Postby TheChosenOne » 03.15.16 10:42pm

Modified list...not necessarily favorite places, but places I think I'd most like to visit as real locations. Of course, this is assuming adequate protection from hazards and a lack of hostile forces...

Prime: Either Tallon Overworld (as long as it's temperate and not rainforest hot) or the Phendrana Underground Lakes (though you'd have to be really careful to stay out of the water on account of hypothermia). Chozo Ruins might be nice, but I feel like I'd just find the place boring in reality. If safety isn't a concern, the depths of the Phazon Mines could be really beautiful in real life.

Echoes: Probably still Sanctuary. Definitely NOT Agon, or anywhere in Dark Aether for that matter.

Corruption: Tough to say. I don't think I'd like Elysia...apart from being way too Steampunk for my taste, I'd constantly be worried that SkyTown was going to suddenly plummet into oblivion. An abandoned and battle-damaged Norion might be cool to roam around in. I feel like getting around in Pirate Homeworld would be too tricky - lots of oddly-shaped corridors and doorways. Bryyo would probably be the most interesting place to explore (central Bryyo...not Fire or Thorn). Actually, though, I think the most intriguing place to see, though navigation would again be a challenge, would be Phaaze. THAT would be something to behold.
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