Challenge to all try to beat my times

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Challenge to all try to beat my times

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 02.20.16 4:48pm

Below these words will be my times for bosses in echoes It will also have a count for how many times I died before I beat it if at all keep in mind that these are all hard mode gc times and that If I say scan on a boss you must scan for the submission to be valid.

1: dark alpha slinter 1:11:33 D = 1 scan
2: bomb guardian 1:01:00
4: Dark samus 3:15.83 scan
5: amorbis 7:38.88 scan all
6: boost guardian 4:17.12 d = 4
7: grapple guardian 1:34.98 scan
8: chicka whole fight 15:06:42 scan
9: spider guardian 6:00.49
10: pb guardian 4:19.88 scan
13: quardaxis 10:03.85 scan all
14: emperor ing 12:26.43 scan all
15: dark samus 3 and 4 6:45.87 scan both

PS. Not that's not an error I used a glitch by accident on jump guardian so no time for him.

PPS. I screwed up some of the records and I'm just realizing this now

So can you beat my records??? challenge accepted? come one come all.
PPPS. I used the time on my smart phone

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