Boost Guardian

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Boost Guardian

Postby Luminoth Prime » 03.20.16 7:38pm

I beat this guy the other day on the Trilogy version, no problem. Just curious, what did they do to him to make him easier? It's been a long time since I've played the GameCube version.

By the way, I beat him on the GameCube version when I was 8 or 9 years old. I didn't beat the game back then (don't really remember why; I stopped around the Hydrodynamo section for some reason), but I didn't have that much trouble with the Boost Guardian. Of course, I believe I had four Energy Tanks (the max at that point in the game), so I can imagine someone with only one or two having some struggles, but was this guy really that difficult? What was the problem?
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Re: Boost Guardian

Postby Xerkxes » 03.20.16 9:53pm

I think they nerfed everything about the fight.
Decreased Health, increased vulnerability time, decreased damage, decreased the effort it takes to get him into his vulnerable state, decreased his damage, increased energy drop rates.

The only way they could have made it easier is to have made the Bombs Proxy-detonation so that they instantly blew when he approached them.
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Re: Boost Guardian

Postby Apothem » 03.20.16 10:33pm

Retro nerfed a number of bosses in Prime 2, generally making them weaker and more vulnerable. The Boost Guardian was annoying in GC Prime 2 but it never gave me trouble. The only two bosses to kill me in Prime 2 were the Spider Guardian - due to my own stupidity - and Quadraxis - due to attrition... and my own stupidity. I think I ran out of time on the third Dark Samus fight but that one doesn't stand out as well as the other two mentioned. Some of the fights were genuinely challenging but as a whole Prime 2, and the trilogy in general, never gave me much fuss. At least not on normal. Hardmode's a different story...


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Re: Boost Guardian

Postby TheChosenOne » 03.20.16 11:15pm

Not sure if I went as far as Boost Guardian on the Trilogy version. I know I played all of Prime and started Echoes, but I don't remember where I stopped.

I know that in the GC version, the biggest hazard health-wise for me tends to be making contact with BG during the Morph Ball sequence - not even the actual boosting sequence, just the moving liquid puddle phase. Its (his?) movement is hard to predict, and you need to plant bombs nearby in order to deal damage, so I'm always finding myself getting bumped, and each hit deals quite a lot of damage. If that damage is reduced in Trilogy, that's a significant...uh...boost.
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Re: Boost Guardian

Postby Meta Ridley » 03.21.16 2:11am

In Prime 2 the only things that really gave me issues when I first played were Spider Guardian because I didn't know what I was doing at first. Then Quadraxis because I kept missing on the part where you boost onto the floating head and by then I already took heavy damage so the dark air eventually killed me. Then like twice in a row to the Emperor Ing because I ran out of ammo due to firing it off all willy nilly and the power beam is suck. The Boost Guardian never gave me any trouble.


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Re: Boost Guardian

Postby Xandalf » 03.21.16 3:52pm

The GameCube versions of Prime 1 and 2 did not have the spring ball, so in the Trilogy version you could easily jump over the Boost Guardian whilst in morphball mode if needed.

He's still quite annoying on Trilogy though. I can't wait to fight him in Hypermode. :P

I'm not entirely sure on this part, but I think some people falsely mistake bosses (And generally everything) for getting nerfed on the Trilogy versions since Veteran/Hard mode is actually the original difficulties, not Normal.

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