Prime Hunters using FPS style controls (Joypad &twin analog)

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Prime Hunters using FPS style controls (Joypad &twin analog)

Postby craigrobbo » 05.30.16 5:03pm

So I havefinally found a decent way to play Hunters, I have always quite liked this game but put off mainly due to its bad control scheme...

A few of you guys may have seen my posts wanting to play hunters through again. Not owning a ds and not wanting to buy due to the horrible control scheme I have been trying to find a way.

I have finally found a way to play it using a standard fps layout using a madcatz android controller !

Now it's not perfect but as close to. Drastic emulator doesn't support triggers as buttons so I have to use r1 as shoot rather than r2 which has is normal for fps.
Secondary is it takes some getting used to switching between screens for missiles and beams a macro feature would be good here

Any way I am shy on videos so don't talk but you can see clearly

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Re: Prime Hunters using FPS style controls (Joypad &twin ana

Postby Zynux » 05.30.16 10:19pm

Would have been great fun to have this control scheme instead of the stylus controls. Trying to play Hunters without stylus was too imprecise to be optimal.
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Re: Prime Hunters using FPS style controls (Joypad &twin ana

Postby Apothem » 05.30.16 11:32pm

The DeSmuME emulator on PC is great for Hunters as well. Using a controller would be tricky and convoluted as you can't directly map touchscreen functions to it. but you can closely approximate conventional keyboard & mouse controls rather well. It actually makes the game (almost) fun.

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