Metroid Prime Trilogy interview

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Metroid Prime Trilogy interview

Postby Mister Klucha » 03.18.17 2:19am


I can't find any MP Trilogy section, I think this should be added, there are few informations about this game to preserve...

Well, I'm looking for the Kensuke Tanabe's inteview we can find at the Metroid Prime Trilogy website on Metroid-Database but I can't find it. Go to to official website tab, then click on "meet the devloppers" or "interview". There are 10 questions/answers.

On my own, I tried to archive it on the Wayback Machine, and Webcite, but any of this website is abble to archive it correctly.

Did the staff preserved it somewherre ?

Is there a way that the staff preserve this interview on the M-D website as they preserved some others, i.e. in screenshot form ?

Best regards.

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