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Re: Metroid Prime 4

Postby Big Guy » 08.04.17 12:33am

Metroid has 2 memorable antagonists, the Metroids and Ridley. Ridley is unnecessary, and not in every game, but the Metroids are only absent from Prime Hunters. I understand what you're saying about "moving forward," but I'm not sure I agree with what you suggest is done.
"Dump Samus in derelict locations, she kills all the bad monsters and saves the day, the end."
This is the core gameplay premise of the game, and changing it would compromise the structure of what Metroid is. Adding more speaking characters and more "rivals" would water down what it is that elevates the games to their legendary status. Despite what you've said, all the games (except 1-3) change the stakes and story premise of what Samus does. In Prime 1 Samus receives a distress signal, investigates, discovers Ridley, and pursues him to the planet surface. Everything the player does is done in order to track and destroy him and the Pirates entrenched on the planet. In Prime 2 Samus is sent to recover Federation Marines and is discovers that the inhabitants are about to lose an inter-dimensional war that could potentially lead to a galactic-scale conflict. Samus' goal is to retake the planet from the Ing and destroy dark Aether. Prime 3 actually has the same plot structure as 2 but Dark Aether is replaced with Phazon. Fusion is about Samus investigating and containing the X Parasites on the BSL. 1-3 are about finding and destroying the Metroids. All of them are similar, but they have wildly different stakes. Prime 1 threatens planetary doom, 2 threatens galactic conflict + planetary doom, and 3 threatens galactic doom. It's a nice progression, but something was lost in Prime 3 when the player was receiving voice messages from the AUs and watching long cinematic cutscenes.
To speak on Halo for a second, they actually built up a solid nemesis to Master Chief in Halo 4 with the Didact, and that conflict could've lasted for a whole trilogy
What exactly made him a good rival? He spends most of the game away from the player or off screen, wants do destroy humanity for a reason that is never explained, and has no interesting gameplay/story elements attached to him. A better example for a rival or villain would be Truth from 2&3. He has ample screentime, an interesting motivation of activating the Halo rings in order to ascend to godhood, is directly responsible for the Arbiter's entire arc (which makes up half of Halo 2's gameplay), and has a great voice to boot (though he'd be replaced in 3). Halo was over with 3, Reach and ODST were nice little bonuses but anything after is fanfiction. It should have ended 7 years ago.

I have a similar feeling with the Metroid games. Right now I'm holding out hope, but with the Amiibo shenanigans being pulled with Samus Returns I'm worried about what will happen to the series. Sakamoto has clearly proven he doesn't have an original bone in his body and seems to be content with reusing the same settings, enemies, and plot ideas from the first two games. Prime 4 is being handled by a "new, talented development team" that we know nothing about, other than the fact that the guy who doesn't like sequence breaking is in charge. In a best-case scenario, we'll get 3 more Prime games and 1 or 2 more 2D games that wrap up Metroid forever, and it never gets pulled out of the dirt and paraded around like Halo, Fallout, Deus Ex, Thief, etc, etc.


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Re: Metroid Prime 4

Postby Apothem » 08.04.17 1:42am

The Didact in Halo 4 wasn't a rival, he was a villain. Neither was the Prophet of Truth a rival, he too was a villain. The Arbiter was Master Chief's rival in the series, though that was strictly one sided. The Didact and Truth hate humanity in general. They don't care about the Chief specifically beyond the potential threat he represents to their plans. That's what makes them villains. They have no personal vested interest in the Chief. They're both broad scope antagonists. The Arbiter is different. Master Chief was directly responsible for his disgrace. He made it his personal mission to hunt him down for that dishonor only to begrudgingly work alongside him against a greater threat. The Chief never cared about any of that. The Arbiter was just another threat, until he wasn't.

The Didact also wasn't a particularly good villain, either. His entire motivation is told outside of the game, wherein he basically springs up from out of nowhere and wants to destroy humanity because reasons. That wouldn't be the first time Bungie / 343i had flubbed their own story. The Covenant were never given any context for their genocide against humanity in the games. You had to read the books for that. The Prophets were never well detailed either. The Didact's very existence also undermines what was supposed to be the Forerunner's complete and total sacrifice against the Flood. He exists as little more than a plot point to springboard a new saga that comes entirely out of left field. Halo does the shootybangs well but its story is a multimedia mess.

Switching gears back to the topic at hand: Metroid is principally about isolated exploration, but that doesn't preclude occasional interaction. You can't change that core aspect too much without making Metroid an entirely different game, but that doesn't mean Samus can't interact with other characters. I think Metroid Prime 3 handled that well. It's a bit too Halo 1 in the beginning, but otherwise you have plenty of classic exploration and puzzle solving interspersed with a bit of dialog and the occasional cutscene. It maybe lent a bit too hard on the cinematic but it's no Other M. Those interactions give Samus a chance to build character, stoic or otherwise, and likewise gives the franchise a chance to build characters around her. Otherwise it's like LP said: Samus winds up doing basically the same thing in largely the same way every game. I'm not certain how best to approach such a change but I'd still like to see it done.


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Re: Metroid Prime 4

Postby TheChosenOne » 08.05.17 6:10pm

Part of what I really like about the story presentation in Prime 1 is the fact that character interactions are all done indirectly. You have all of the players there - Samus, the Chozo, the Space Pirates, and Metroid Prime - but you never see any of them interact with each other in a way that affects the story (except for in the Meta-Ridley defeat cutscene). Through the Lore/Data entries, you get the Chozo and Space Pirate perspectives on what's happening around you, and on what they think of you and each other, but there's no real "objective" to it. There are descriptions of context so you can work out the implications and develop your own motivation, but there's no element of command, just aspirations. Press on to the next area, see what the world has in store. You get a clear sense of where Samus fits in this whole situation without anyone interacting verbally.

The odd thing is that I also really like the idea of seeing Samus interact and hearing her input from time to time. Other M took it too far, I'll admit. But I think I'd enjoy something more like Fusion...that is, if you were to remove the constant objective updates from Adam :ai: . In terms of pacing, something like 5 or 6 short Samus interactions (or memories or what have you) over the course of a 10-20-hour game. In a sense, I guess this is similar to how it was handled in Corruption, but the presentation in Corruption was just...I'd like a friendlier word than "clumsy". Maybe heavy-handed? It's the same problem faced by Fusion and Other M...too objective-y. That is, too much of having orders barked directly at you, and not enough of finding your own objective.
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Re: Metroid Prime 4

Postby smallville boy » 09.17.17 3:30pm

Hi guys, Im back after many years, Im very happy like everyone here, I almost cry of happines when I saw the announcement of MP4 in the last E3. I hope we can see a trailer at the Game Awards on December.
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