What upgrades might we expect in MP4?

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What upgrades might we expect in MP4?

Postby Mea quidem sententia » 06.25.17 12:47am

I think we all have a general idea of MP4 and how the story will be centered around Samus and Sylux. What I'm interested in is what we might expect to see in terms of item acquisition. I figured we'll expect to see energy tanks, the power and charge beam, missiles, bombs, power bombs, the combat and scan visor, morph ball, boost ball, , varia suit. I'm hoping we'll see something other than the wave, ice, and plasma beam. The x-ray visor has been used twice. (I preferred MP over MP3:C regarding the x-ray visor.)

Based on MPFF, perhaps Samus will acquire a slow beam. The Federation based their mechs off Samus, so that is a possibility. This thread isn't focused on making your own upgrades, but rather what might be a possibility based on previous titles.


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Re: What upgrades might we expect in MP4?

Postby Xerkxes » 06.25.17 5:26pm

Given a more powerful system, and more buttons, I'd like to see MORE abilities in the given game then the previous. The Primes never really increased the number of abilities per game, but rather replace abilities from the previous game with a new or repurposed equivilience.

That being said, I wouldn't mind an inventory system, if would mean even more room for abilities.

Physics Beam(?).
Given that Nintendo has their own nifty physics engine now, I wouldn't mind seeing some more physics based abilities.
Maybe Metroid's equivilence of the Gravity Gun from HL2, Kinesis module from Dead Sapce, or Magnesis from Breath of the Wild.
Something I'd also like to see is a more general purpose to the grapple beam, like allowing it to adhere to any wall.
Besides that, maybe in conjunction with the physics engine, Samus can "lasso" loose objects with it. Maybe even flat up convert the grapple beam into the a"Physics beam".

Maybe a combination of beam stacking, upgrading, and seperate beams.
I liked that Prime had the beams seperate for the purpose of environmental interaction. But the Power Beam loses much purpose after getting any other beam in the original prime. Samus Returns seems to be taking this route, where you have one major beam (which seems to upgrade), and the ice beam is seperate.

Speed Booster and shine spark..
Basically make the speed booster work like Super Metroid. add a sprint button (map to left stick/click I guess), and after the Speed Booster is gained, sprinting for X time activates the speed Booster (maybe hold the stick down to gain speed, and release it to maintain, like Super if possible). The camera breaks to third person during the sprint to ease control.

A forward shield projected from the back of her left hand, this shield would be used for blocking enemy abilities.
Maybe with further upgrades to allow her to reflect projectiles back at foes.
It can be turns into a key item by having it allow Samus to move upstream of torrents physical barrages or energy, but otherwise easily have constant practical combat use.
Mapped to perhaps L or LZ.
Perhaps break to 3rd person for use.

Generally more morphball options.
Return of the Bomb Combos (alternatively, Bomb combos returns). Press the hold the missile button while in Morphball mode to deploy based on equipped beam.
Proximity Bombs.
Trip Mines (Sylux's bombs, maybe gained from defeating him).
Remote Bombs.

Kind of liking the looks of the melee counter from Samus Returns, and given that Samus is supposed to be an augmented super soldier in power armor, would love to see the melee counter translated into the Primes. Maybe augmented by any form of "Tech" that adds an energy burst to the end of the melee attack (so if it's a kick, the space jump thrusters kick in for extra force, or just a direct translation from SR's melee counter).
perhaps mapped to right click.

I also want to see all of what the new Aeion abilities can do.. to see if any of them can translate into 3D well. Currently they look like seperate functions of the PED suit.
Beam Barrage = charged phazon Hyper Beam.
Lightning Armor = base state Hyper Mode (the practical invincibility during use).
Sensor Pulse(thingie): well it's the scan visor.

Part of me wants to see some form of Teleportation ability, it's been more than prevalent within the series.. just not available for Samus. Not sure how to make it work though.

I like the idea of a slow beam. Maybe a missile or bomb combo (tentative titles Stasis Blast or Time Dilation Field) to make an AoE version of it.

I DO hope the elemental beams come back, if only due to potentials in physics engines and environmental interactions, but I'd want to see new stuff on top of them, not them being the only focus.
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Re: What upgrades might we expect in MP4?

Postby Mea quidem sententia » 06.26.17 9:18am

The speed booster would be great and I think Retro went with the boost ball route instead. Still, the two aren't mutually exclusive. Hopefully, as you said, a better engine will allow for more ability use. Perhaps pointing diagonally, rather than up, down, left, right. Not sure how the d-pad would work. If the wave beam makes a return, hopefully it will be like the nova beam. I can see why an x-ray visor would be used. If the new developers decide to go the elemental route, then hopefully it'll go beyond the fire, ice, electricity.

It'd simply require an alternative like how the light, dark, and annihilator beam worked. I could then see the slow beam taking the ice beam's place. Of course, it would mean no blowing up enemies. The mod idea seems interesting, too. I'd hope it would be permanent. I haven't played MPFF. In spite of its lack of popularity, I still wanted to own and play it. Anyway.


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Re: What upgrades might we expect in MP4?

Postby OmegaStuff » 09.15.17 12:57am

Definitely melee attacks. Even though I have always loved the Prime Trilogy, I've always thought that MP3 makes Samus feel extremely slow and heavy :thumbsdown: . I love the idea of Samus being very agile and quick, and I think that a great way of doing this would be with melee attacks/combos (combining the melee counter from SR, and even combos that use the grapple beam similar to MP3).

From the classic abilities, I would love to see again the element-based beams, screw attack, speed booster (with shinespark).

Also, this is not an ability, but it would be great to be able to do more stuff with your ship. You know, instead of just being able to move from one planet to another.

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