Modding Metroid Prime Trilogy (Need Help)

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Modding Metroid Prime Trilogy (Need Help)

Postby j12r3 » 10.15.17 2:05pm

I'm trying to mod MPT, but I don't know anything about the file structure. I made a backup using USB Loader GX, and converted to an ISO. Here's a list of things I want to do:

Restore the old NTSC content from Prime 1 and 2 to Metroid Prime Trilogy
• Logbook text (Chozo and Pirate lore and some scan data)
• Arm Cannon effects
• Phazon Suit cutscene
• Sounds (Metroid Prime 2 Key Obtainment Jingle)

Modify the difficulty of all three games
• Make health and ammo more scarce
• Increase enemy damage and health
• Modify Samus' weapons (Damage, rate-of-fire, range)

Mainly, I need to know how to read and modify the game files from the ISO. I have it opened in WiiScrubber, but I don't know what anything is. Does anyone know how to open the .pak files?

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