Hard Mode (How do you feel about it?)

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Re: Hard Mode (How do you feel about it?)

Postby Nova » 11.08.10 3:09pm

Personally I found the lack of Phantoonon Hard Mode quite disappointing as there is no real reason to not let us do it, or the powerbomb bugs...I mean seriously, we are all capable and have done a no damage Phantoon fight....so why can't we have it?

Seems like a poor choice on Team Ninja's part...

Other than that aside from a few cheap tricks I found the "hard mode" quite easy...had no issues on any real fight save for a few cheap issues (queens fire breath...until hard mode i didnt realize I cant successfully sensemove through it...was the cause of the deaths to her...).


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Re: Hard Mode (How do you feel about it?)

Postby Zadra » 02.27.11 2:30am

@ Nova, you probably should have covered that spoiler as the other members were doing.
I haven't played the game on hard yet. I was quite turned off by the games presentation upon beating it on normal and haven't gone back since. But when i found out cutscenes could be skipped, I decided I might give it a go.

But now that you've revealed to me that
phantoon and the powerbomb bugs
aren't present in hard mode, I feel no desire to bother with it. What a kick in the face.

There is a spoiler option in the posting options. I'm a new member just like you (well, you have a low post count), and I found it easy.

I have to admit, I'm a little irked.


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Re: Hard Mode (How do you feel about it?)

Postby Toxsyl » 09.03.11 5:48pm

Hard Mode gives me no reason to play it.

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Re: Hard Mode (How do you feel about it?)

Postby White Legend » 04.03.16 12:18pm

i wonder what hard mode could've done different to make better fun

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