Wii U - Metroid Blast

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Re: Wii U - Metroid Blast

Postby sith » 07.06.13 11:09pm

It's great to see Kraid again.


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Re: Wii U - Metroid Blast

Postby Metroidfan49 » 07.09.13 7:53pm

i have beaten metroid blast all by myself without dying i was destroying everybody :awesome:


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Re: Wii U - Metroid Blast

Postby WarioTroid » 12.24.13 1:35am

Metroid Blast is probably my favorite Nintendoland game. :D My friend and I have Mastered every stage; and I tell you, that stuff is a BITCH.

So Miyamoto has apparently said that Metroid Blast contains several ideas he has for a future Metroid; so I think it's pretty safe to say that it'll be at least somewhat similar to Prime in control scheme. Maybe we'll get some true ship missions, too? Are there any other gameplay elements from Metroid Blast in particular that you'd like to see in a future Metroid?


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Re: Wii U - Metroid Blast

Postby Xerkxes » 01.01.14 2:12am

While Metroid Blast is fun, what I like about it most is how it's the most popular game on the disk.

Should paint a good image for the series in Nintendo's mind. I've always seen Nintendo land (and Super Smash Brothers) as a Nintendo 's means to gauge audience interest.
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Re: Wii U - Metroid Blast

Postby ViindeX » 04.26.14 6:53am

Never tried it, will have to.

Meta Ridley

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Re: Wii U - Metroid Blast

Postby Meta Ridley » 12.10.14 3:22pm

I played Metroid Blast yesterday and it was pretty fun. Only one level though. I'll play more of it in the future.
On a side note I have to say the Miis in Nintendo Land don't look as stupid as I thought they would.


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Re: Wii U - Metroid Blast

Postby Xandalf » 06.20.15 5:45pm

Metroid Blast, hands down, my favorite Nintendo-Land game. Second would probably be the Luigi's Mansion one. Still need to get the best completions on all the missions. I liked the mission where you defended Miis from Metroids, that was kind of creative compared to the standard 'kill the Zebesians' missions. It reminded me of the Demolition Trooper thing in Metroid Prime 3.

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