Metroid Blast Enemy Defeat Strategies (Spoilers)

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Metroid Blast Enemy Defeat Strategies (Spoilers)

Postby CapCom » 11.19.12 12:12am

Strategies for Enemies

Enemies can only be destroyed by shooting the glowing power icon. The strength of the icon goes from blue to yellow to red. An enemy that is shot while blue or red will stagger, and you can get free hits if you maintain good aim. Enemies will notice you if they are in line of sight or if you shoot them from behind.

Health: 1-3
Geemers will rush you and are particularly annoying in swarms, but can thankfully be avoided by flying up. If they get too close though, they will leap, so if you're low to the ground, they'll get you. Red Geemers explode when they are destroyed, so avoid the blast wave. They can also climb structures and can fire seeking missiles at you from a distance. The missile blast can defeat them from behind, and they will sometimes run to avoid the blast. They tend to clump together and are easily funneled, so you can take them out with rapid fire or a missile.

Health: 1
Basically Nintendo Land's equivalent of the Waver, they fly about unsteadily and have heavily armored shells. If you miss and hit their shells, they will close their shells, then open and begin a cyclone attack. Aim for the core to destroy them and dash if they get too close.

Cyclon Queen
Health: 3
Miniboss: Brinstar, Norfair
This giant Cyclon spawns about a dozen Cyclons that whirl around her in a swarm. If you aim well, you can take the swarm out with a missile. The swarm will rush at you one at a time or fire at you from a distance. After all her children have been defeated, she will open up her shell, giving you a chance to hit her, after which she will spawn more Cyclons.

Health: 3
Smart and tricky, they will fire at you and are accurate from a distance. If you get too close, they can easily shoot you, so it is advisable to zoom in from a distance and dash when you see them firing at you. They also have a lot of expression. A Missile blast will only deal one damage to them, but if you hit their weak spot, they will stagger, allowing you to get one or two extra shots.

Ice Beam Zebesian - Fires Ice Beam shots. If you are hit by one, you will be frozen for about three seconds. The Space Pirate will run up to you and attempt to slash you with his claws.

Dual-Sided Zebesian - Has a power button on the back as well as the front. Each orb takes three shots to destroy. Snipe them from behind or freeze them and get behind them for the final blow.

Ridley (Mini-Boss)
Health: 9
Boss: Brinstar
Ridley is very difficult. He can fire a lazer beam and also shoot flames from his mouth. He spits a lot of fireballs, making it easier to hit you, so the best strategy is to dodge out of the way. He is equipped with a Multi-Missile launcher that will also keep you busy if you stay at a distance. Get too close, and he will try and skewer you with his tail. Ridley has three weak points: his stomach, tail, and mouth. The stomach is the easiest to hit, but the tail is tricky because it is small and separate from the body. It can best be hit after he uses his tail attack - the tail will be extended for a fraction of a second, allowing you to get out one or two good shots. His mouth is the most difficult to hit because it is best hit while he is attacking.

Health: 9
Boss: Norfair
Kraid is a giant mechanical lizard that slowly rotates clockwise in the lava. Shot him on the tip of his nose to get his mouth open, then fly above and launch a missile into the funnel in his mouth. The missile will be sucked down the tube to hit his weak stomach. It can be difficult to fly up and aim down by tilting the controller, but it makes you feel a bit like Luke Skywalker taking on the Death Star. Once your missiles successfully hit Kraid three ttimes, he will rise out of the laval just like in Super Metroid. He will have a first layer of his stomach that is equipped with generators. Shoot the generators to break off parts of Kraid's shell. However, there are also laser turrets around his stomach and platforms that will extend out, releasing Space Pirate warriors who will shoot at Samus. Kraid also has turrets that will fire electrical balls, but these are quite slow. Hit Kraid three more times, and he will rise again to his third stage. Hit him three more times to defeat him.

Health: 3
Beams and Missiles will temporary keep a Metroid at bay, but the only way to defeat them for good is to collect an Ice Beam powerup and fire a charged shot at them. Unfortunately, Metroids fly erratically, making them difficult to hit, and the charge beam takes awhile to fill up. Once a Metroid has been frozen, hit all three of its orbs to destroy it. However, Metroids will unfreeze after five seconds, so be careful! Any orbs you hit will remain destroyed once the Metroid is unfrozen. Metroids will attack by charging the player. Once a Metroid has latched on, it will suck on you for a good three seconds, then let go, taking one of your HP with it.

*During the protect mission, you can keep the Metroids away from the civilians by firing a missile on the ground nearby. This will help keep the Metroids at bay and cause them to release their grip. Halfway through the battle, an Ice Beam powerup will appear, allowing you to take down the Metroids more easily.

Jet Pack Zebesian
Health: 3
Easily the most obnoxious enemy in the game. Jet Pack Zebesians zip around just fast enough to make them difficult targets. They are constantly moving, so aiming for them is difficult. If you try to zoom in on them, they can easily take a pot-shot, screwing up your aim. In addition, they take three shots to destroy, which makes them maddeningly difficult. If you are attacked by more than one, you're in big trouble. Dash whenever they start to fire and use a zig-zag pattern to avoid their three volleys (just pick three directions - say dash-left, back, and up). If you continue to move in one direction, it makes you an easier target. The best strategy is to make use of the tunnels and buildings to avoid being in direct line of sight. Pick up as many power-ups as you can to gain an advantage and be on the lookout for health pickups.

Variant: Ice Beam Jet Pack Zebesian
Just in case the regular Jet Pack Space Pirates weren't annoying enough, now you have to deal with ones that fire the Ice Beam. They will freeze you, leaving you vulnerable for three seconds. The Pirates are quick and so will usually get within range during that time and slash at you. Unfortunately, you can't waggle the analog sticks to break free - you just have to wait to thaw. As soon as you thaw, and if you haven't been hit, dash out of the way.

Sniper Zebesian
Health: 1
These Space Pirates will aim for you with their laser sight. A ticker will sound that will slowly rise in frequency. Once it reaches its peak, and you're in the line of sight, you'll be hit. Dodge before they hit you. Snipers are very dangerous because they can hit you from just about any spot on the map that is in line of sight. Take them out first if possible.

Ridley (Boss)
Health: Unknown/Lots/We can't count that high
Ridley is back as an even larger boss than before. He has the same basic sets of attacks - laser beam, fireball breath, multimissiles, and tail thrust. However, he has a new attack through his grasping arms. [I have not been caught yet, so I don't know what this does.] He also has a laser arm cannon that will activate once you've gotten his big energy ball down to red. This attack is very dangerous because it fires a flurry of shots. The same basic strategy applies: keep a medium distance and target the weak points on his mouth, stomach, tail, and hands. Once all have been destroyed, he will be stunned. Take the opportunity to get behind him and fire a missile and rapid shots at the giant orb on his back. With enough hits, the orb will shatter and change color. Ridley will resume his attacks. There aren't too many power-ups in this level, but there is a lot of health floating around. If you take even one point of damage, it is a good idea to grab one of the health containers to quickly refuel.
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