Miiverse nonsense.

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Miiverse nonsense.

Postby Shade Nightclaw » 06.02.13 8:05am

my god...there is it just me or does reading the miiverse posts about super metroid make you want to vomit? soo many...well morons, how hard is it to take five seconds to think or look around,or even use basic things like the run or jump button?*sighs*


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Re: Miiverse nonsense.

Postby Miketroid » 06.26.13 7:13pm

To be fair, people like this have been around even in the '90's. It's just that the advent of the internet has made it more visible. People aren't dumber today, it's just that now we can see people be dumb. As opposed to when there was no Miiverse/internet.

Also, most of those likely seem to be parody/fake. Especially the now famous "Y cant Metroid crawl?". -_-;
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