What would YOU like from a Wii U version of Metroid?

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Re: What would YOU like from a Wii U version of Metroid?

Postby LuigiandMetroidfan20 » 05.21.14 9:06pm

It just occurred to me that it would be really awesome if the (hypothetical) next game in the franchise were placed on the Wii U and the style of game had an (improved) third person perspective based off of what Retro originally intended to do with Metroid Prime, but add in the ability to go into first person while still being able to move (i.e. not like Other M's first person "mode") and use that "mode" to scan the environment and stuff.

Personally, though, I want to see a return to 2D Metroid in some form, so long as it's not an eshop exclusive title.
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Kraid should be brought back, he needs some good 'ol Metroid love.


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Re: What would YOU like from a Wii U version of Metroid?

Postby Xandalf » 07.13.15 12:50pm

(It's going to be on the NX now, but what the heck.)

I do not want Metroid Prime 4. It'll screw up the Trilogy (People asking why Prime 4 isn't in it) and they'll turn Phazon and Dark Samus/Metroid Prime into another Ridley (Always coming back). If they do make Prime 4 that's fine, but what I want is a Prime styled game. No Phazon, no Dark Samus, and it's not tied to the original Primes. Somewhere afterwards or maybe before.

I want a completely open world. One where you can run ahead with little power ups and get your butt kicked by extremely powerful enemies. Not the final boss, that should always be hidden until the end, but almost everywhere. A world where several locations aren't even required to go to if you need. One where you can fly your gunship to where ever when ever. More like the original Zeldas. I hope the next Zelda has a very open world too.
Also, I would like difficulty settings and to NOT be judged off of your time. I want to have as much time as I can to explore as long as I want and still get 100%.
Multiplayer. Like Prime 2, but maybe even better. What if they added some enemies around so it wasn't a simple free for all? Or they used that scrapped playable Omega Pirate thing?
I do want Ridley to return. But I want it to make a lot of sense as to why he's returning. Also, I would like some other Super Metroid bosses - not all of them, reusing everything is uncreative - to appear. I want to see how Crocomire and Kraid will be fought in 3D. Mother Brain, Phantoon, Torizo, and Draygon would be interesting as well. Of course, if we used every Super Metroid boss it would leave less room for more original bosses.

Just some thoughts.

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Re: What would YOU like from a Wii U version of Metroid?

Postby Mea quidem sententia » 08.15.15 9:30pm

What I'd like is a game continuing after Metroid Fusion. The X parasites don't need to be eradicated because let's face it, if the Galactic Federation can preserve a cell culture of the Super Metroid, why on Earth would they be incapable or incompetent in preserving at least one X parasite on some other ship or Federation base? In fact, one could make a mosaic X parasite where it is able to mimic every single creature that was on board of the B.S.L. How would have it survived? I don't know. Maybe it latched onto Samus' ship as she was about to leave. It's not like Samus absorbed every last X parasite on her way to escape or that by absorbing the SA-X, all X parasites ceased to exist like Phazon.

Aside from that, I'd like to see another battle against another version of Samus. There's already two that were clones, but a Mecha Samus would be interesting in my opinion. Actually, this idea was in my head before Metroid: Other M came out, so I was kind of annoyed that they created MB. My idea was going to be that Mecha Samus would have the same appearance as that of Samus, but with a darker appearance and behind the visor was going to be a single eye and gray matter making up Mother Brain. But, that isn't going to ever happen.


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Re: What would YOU like from a Wii U version of Metroid?

Postby Xerkxes » 08.17.15 2:16pm

How would have it survived?
There is an easy way.

They sent Samus' infected suit parts back to the BSL, yes?

Well, easy retcon would be that "Oh, well they didn't send ALL the parts to the BSL", and that maybe different pieces were sent to other facilities for study.
Not to mention some species aboard the BSL could survive the vacume of space, Ridley-X and potentially the Space Pirates for example. The issue after that is mobility in space (as the nearly possible planet WAS vaporized).
There's already two that were clones, but a Mecha Samus would be interesting in my opinion
A possibility. Isn't there Prime 3 concept art of what looks like a mech-armor, federation built power suit?
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Re: What would YOU like from a Wii U version of Metroid?

Postby Mea quidem sententia » 09.07.15 11:02pm

This idea is a collaboration of me and my wife's idea with regard to Samus' PTSD. She really appreciates the idea that Nintendo brought up a kind of mental health condition that isn't well-known among many. She thinks the idea of PTSD is one of the qualities about Samus that makes her flawed like any person truly would be. The idea for this game would involve Samus growing stronger as a person by fighting her demons. This next part is where I have to thank newhenpal for the idea about Ridley being ghostly. I know there are two games revolving around spaceships, but I don't think that should be an issue, especially since I feel that Metroid: Other M really captured that Alien feeling when Samus is investigating Sector 1 before encountering Lyle. Here's a few things.

Samus wakes up in a dimly lit operating room. Her powered armor doesn't activate because it has been surgically removed. Samus will discover this early in the game.
She will acquire the powered armor and become one with it. She will find well-known upgrades with a few new kinds. Samus encounters Adam, and though while she thought he was dead, he explains how he managed to escape. He apologizes to Samus and explains why and how his consciousness was "uploaded" onto a computer on the B.S.L. Adam acts as a guide for Samus, assisting her with tips, should the player choose this. Think of Adam like the hint system in the Metroid Prime trilogy. But not only will Samus encounter Adam, she will eventually encounter her parents. For Samus it seems like a dream, but her parents also explain what truly happened and how a certain group within the Galactic Federation wanted Samus as a bioweapon because of a unique DNA strand in her and made multiple attempts on having the Chozo integrate their DNA with her. They had refused time and time again until Ridley and the space pirates showed up on K-2L, where the Chozo were forced to follow through.

Ridley is a recurring character in this game, being driven away the majority of the time before Samus finally battles him and defeats him. At the end of the game, Adam reveals to Samus a secret behind all of what she went through.
Samus has been hallucinating from aerosols passing through the vents. Her armor was never surgically removed from her, but it was a mental block that prevented her from activating it. "Acquiring" the armor was her way of overcoming this mental block. Samus' parents were simply Samus' way of overcoming their deaths and moving on. The defeat of Ridley was Samus' way of taking control of the situation. The aerosol is non-addictive and has no negative effects on the body, except that if Samus dies by the thing she's hallucinating about, she will actually die. Samus manages to purify the ship and is relieved that none of this was real. The real Ridley finds out Samus is on this ship and battles her. Samus experiences no fear from Ridley, having overcome her mental health condition. With Adam still present and the aerosols cleared out, Samus questions how Adam is still present. He is a hologram.

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