RIP Satoru Iwata.

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Re: RIP Satoru Iwata.

Postby Remnants » 07.14.15 10:15am

Sigh, last night when going to sleep, it was strange. It's like I had reminded myself of Mr. Iwata's passing. It's like it just didn't seem... possible... that he's gone. It's a moment where I caught myself being in denial... At least to me, Mr. Iwata was more than just a human being. He was an icon. He pretty much was the face of Nintendo and unlike Mr. Yamauchi, Mr. Iwata looked like he had at least another twenty to thirty years of life... :(

But of course... with the news of his passing, only then did I learn about him having cancer.

I still remember how often I see his name in the end credits of games I've finished. I swear that I could pick out his name out of a wall of text without even reading it.


So I've come across tribute fanart, and, well... This proved a little overwhelming... :'(


I don't know the source. Sorry.

Shade Nightclaw

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Re: RIP Satoru Iwata.

Postby Shade Nightclaw » 07.14.15 12:55pm

God Bless Iwata-san.
My prayers go out to his family and friends.

I also really don't like some of the speculation that's going around here.
Seems very disrespectful. You have no idea what he was going through or what he was dealing with.
Assuming just makes an ass out of you. Weatheryou liked or hated him the president of Nintendo just died.
show a little respect.

I wonder who they will apoint next thought.

RIP Iwata-san you will be sorely missed.

Vgm out...
When people are upset like this they lose theyre common sense, i agree respect should be shown but its quite common for people to be irrational when very upset.

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