New Nintendo President

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New Nintendo President

Postby VGMStudios » 09.15.15 8:07pm

So what do you think? ... _president

In all honesty did anyone really think Miyamoto-san was going to take on the role as president? I hope this guy will bring back nintendo to when it was good.

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Re: New Nintendo President

Postby Zynux » 09.15.15 9:15pm

Too early to tell, but doesn't show any red-flags immediately.

Something to note: he's only going to be the Head Honcho for a year. Then after that who knows what happens.
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Re: New Nintendo President

Postby Dartison » 09.15.15 9:38pm

Had quite a few posts in the Gaming News thread about this.

No, I definitely felt like Miyamoto wasn't going to be President. He is a creative mind, a guy you want with the developers.

Miyamoto and Takeda were more like the committee to select the new President and because the holidays were coming up they needed someone to lead the company.

So they rushed in Tatsumi Kimishima. Which isn't a bad decision. While he isn't a developer or creative mind type of person, he IS a businessman and has been with Nintendo for a few decades. He sounds like a level headed individual and hes described as a nice guy. So right now I am all for him being the new President for a year. If it works out they might keep in longer. He knows running a game company isn't just about the numbers so he has his head in the right place.

The question is: Tatsumi is there to make management changes, how will that affect Nintendo?

Also who will be the President in a year? Most likely a younger fellow.

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