Wii U Frozen Please Help!

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Wii U Frozen Please Help!

Postby Chozone1997 » 09.22.15 1:11pm

So, I was playing Splatoon and my sister wanted to play on the account I made for her. I logged off of mine and she started Splatoon on hers. However, it froze right after she pressed the two buttons to start it. She rebooted the console and it promptly froze on the white Wii U startup screen. I have tried many many times rebooting it to get it to work. I have had it unplugged since May in hopes that maybe it just might turn back on. However, I started it today and it still froze. I have been looking all over for solutions, but I haven''t found any. Can any of you please help me? Thank you.


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Re: Wii U Frozen Please Help!

Postby Apothem » 09.22.15 2:17pm

Sounds like a hardware problem. If the system's still under warranty then get in touch with Nintendo's customer support and see what they can do to fix it. If it isn't under warranty then Nintendo might still be able to help, but they'll charge you for the privilege. If not through them then your only other course of action is to look into a third party repair shop. Or try selling it off for parts and buy a new one, but that's a last resort.

The problem, as described, is unlikely to be software related, but even if it was there'd be no way to restore the system to default without access to the operating system. Unless you're confident enough in your own ability to go poking around the console's innards, then your only recourse is to either get someone else to fix it or junk it.

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