Timeline placement

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Timeline placement

Postby Zero-ELEC » 07.08.16 4:46pm

The game has been stated to take place after Prime 3: Corruption, yet has the date of 20X6 cosmic date. Now, while 20X6 is an obvious reference to the year of release (2016), 20X6 would place the game a year after Zero Mission (20X5 or 2075) which can't be if it follows the third Prime game, which was set a couple of years afterwards (I think it was 2078?). While it is possible that 20X6 means 2086 (placing it years after Prime 3 as stated), but this would place it years after the last chronological game in the series, Fusion as well.

How could these separate dates be reconciled? 20X6 is a very deliberate date in the trailers, so could this take place around original Prime and Prime: Hunters, even if that contradicts the statement the game taking place after Corruption? It wouldn't be the first time a statement by a developer regarding the chronological placement of the game is incorrect, with Tanabe once stating the game took place between Metroid II and Super Metroid. However, the backstory of the game very clearly states that the game follows the destruction of Phazon by Samus Aran. They're very consistent with this, throughout the press releases and official websites.

Any thoughts on this?


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Re: Timeline placement

Postby Xandalf » 07.20.16 10:46pm

Really stupid question, are these dates official?

Well, regardless, I believe it would take place after Prime 3 and before Metroid II, which is a bummer because I was hoping Rundas could get in


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Re: Timeline placement

Postby RoyboyX » 09.22.16 4:54pm

It's supposed to be between MP3 and Metroid II, but Tanabe has no grasp of the series timeline. As you said, he also stated it took place between Metroid II and Super.

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