Metroid Prime: Blast Ball

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Metroid Prime: Blast Ball

Postby LordDirk » 07.23.16 2:17pm

I am curious if anyone has played MPBB yet, and what their thoughts on the gameplay, controls, aesthetics, etc, are. I don't have a 3DS myself, but I may purchase one in the future to play Federation Force. Has anyone had a chance to try it out yet?


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Re: Metroid Prime: Blast Ball

Postby Xandalf » 07.23.16 5:32pm

I checked it out, it's pretty fun.

Gameplay's fine, I'd say. Unfortunately it appears that the game will either last really long or really short. Otherwise, I think it's balanced and fun. Controls are manageable. Not perfect, but it's easier to control than it was in the Gamecube Primes. Aesthetics aren't the best but they aren't as blurry as they looked at first.

Keep in mind I only played about 45 minutes of it so far, and that I'm really bad at reviewing/criticizing, but those are just my thoughts. :P


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Re: Metroid Prime: Blast Ball

Postby crazyal02 » 07.26.16 10:12pm

Mostly enjoyable, but I reaaalllyy wish I could swap the A and Y buttons, right now the control scheme has this old problem.
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Mayan Mystery

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Re: Metroid Prime: Blast Ball

Postby Mayan Mystery » 07.26.16 11:59pm

Pretty addicting actually. Well balanced, controls well, and and has a fulfilling rewards system. You can map pre-recorded voice messages to your team mates to the d-pad (though I recommend muting them since they get rather obnoxious when your team mates keep spamming "hello") and I like the unlockable customizeable skins (I'm currently using a kraid one.) If I had to level any criticisms about it, the fact that I have to constantly slam the L button can occasionally leave me with hand cramps if I get too furious about play for too long, and I wish the game mode variety for online had a bit more diversity. Haven't tried the challenge modes yet so I can't speak for them.

Also it includes the training missions for the main game as well so you can try those out to get a feel for what the campaign might be like. So far I'm liking what I see.

And it's free, so I mean, why not at least try it.

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