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Re: General pre-release discussion

Postby Will Keaton » 09.30.17 7:40pm

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Re: General pre-release discussion

Postby Luminoth Prime » 10.03.17 7:53pm

The Diggernaut is a bastard.
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Re: General pre-release discussion

Postby TheAccursedHunter01 » 10.08.17 10:47pm

The 2017 Nintendo World Championships were held a few days ago aaaaaaaand I just so happened to be at work that day... Anyway, the only Metroid anything that was there was Metroid Samus Returns and it's the Diggernaught escape encounter, not the boss fight itself. It goes about as well as you would expect. For those interested in watching the Metroid Samus Returns portion of the championships, skip to 1:11:56 in the video below:

All I can say is that Samus Returns was announced to be a game at the Championships and every contestant was sent a 2DS and a copy of MSR to play at least a week ahead of time. A handful of them seemed to know what they were doing, however no one has an excuse for the abundance of rookie maneuvers they pulled off.

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