Play to win or play to 100%?

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Infinity's End

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Play to win or play to 100%?

Postby Infinity's End » 09.12.17 10:17am

I'm really considering playing this game to 100% the first time through. Anyone else in this boat? It's difficult because a lot of times when I get to a certain point in a game, I'm just like fuck it, beat it, and then rarely go back for 100%. With MSR, I feel like I should make that exception.
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Re: Play to win or play to 100%?

Postby Remnants » 09.12.17 10:32am

I've always made an effort to get 100% -- just not on the first play. I found myself relying on indicators that tell me that all expansions have been gathered on a given level like what Fusion and Zero Mission did after the game's been cleared once.


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Re: Play to win or play to 100%?

Postby Apothem » 09.12.17 12:45pm

For most games that I play, especially Metroid games, I complete as much as I possibly can my first time through. I know myself well enough to know that at best I'll only ever go through most games once so I get everything I can out of them. Metroid's a rare exception to that as I've played through the majority of them multiple times over.


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Re: Play to win or play to 100%?

Postby Sigma » 09.12.17 9:21pm

My formula is first playthough I usually play to win and do things blind, I don't rush through it though and try to get enough items to got through comfortably. Second playthrough I search every corner and try to get 100% and after that I try to get all the endings and unlock special stuff.


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Re: Play to win or play to 100%?

Postby newhenpal » 09.13.17 11:53am

I'll just settle for 100%-ing after I've finished the game, as I always have. None of the post-Super games, barring maybe Prime 2 for GC, have been so difficult that I ever really need to get anywhere close to 100% items to stand a chance, so I'll simply treat it as a post-game adventure as usual. Hopefully the final boss, Queen or otherwise, will become more difficult like what happens with Mecha-Ridley when you acquire all items.

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Re: Play to win or play to 100%?

Postby Phaci0us Phaz0n » 09.16.17 4:25pm

I'm going 100%, there's at least one well-hidden trick/pseudo ability needed to do so, maybe two. I discovered one by accident. If you're ready for a tip, one trick is the
powerbomb spiderball boost (powerboost? powerball?), it is basically a ballspark initiated by a powerbomb explosion and spiderball
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Re: Play to win or play to 100%?

Postby fs_feedback » 09.18.17 7:20pm

This game and Prime are the only two games that I 100%'d on release and on sort of a first run. They are also the only two games I got far into and then lost progress due to a data failure and had to play again for a "first playthrough".

I kind of wished I hadn't 100% SR though.
(although getting the chozo memories for it was cool) I actually didn't care much for the hatchling back track. In fact everything past the Queen feels tacked on.
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