Metroid Super ZeroMission

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Re: Metroid Super ZeroMission

Postby space bump » 12.26.14 3:57pm

Hi all! I've been playing this almost nonstop since I found out about it and have mixed feelings. It's amazing, I'm so impressed, but I'm having a seriously rough time figuring anything out. So much useless backtracking and frustration. If anyone could give me some tips I'd really appreciate it! I should also mention I guess that I've never played Zero Mission.

So, the last thing I accomplished was beating Ridley. The last thing I failed at was getting through the pirate ship without setting off any alarms. Last thing I kinda cheated on using slowdown and this map was grabbing power bombs on top of the pirate ship. (I later went back into the ship and managed to go through without tripping the alarms just to see if I could, with minimal emulator help.. sadly the PB was still gone. I wouldn't know how to get to the damn thing anyway.) I've read most of the comments here and I think I'm supposed to do.. one of the bosses in South Chozodia? or is it mother brain in Tourian? I cannot figure out how to get access to either of these areas. I feel really dense, what am I missing :'(

edit: I found tourian. that room threw me off, I guess I associated it with the super metroid tourian entrance and forgot about it. but still.. even with power bombs I don't see how to get into chozodia.


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Re: Metroid Super ZeroMission

Postby dave400 » 12.09.15 4:59pm

I finished today. The hardest boss was Normal Ridley.The finalboss is disapointting.


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Re: Metroid Super ZeroMission

Postby Burb » 02.01.16 8:11am

I keep coming back for more of this game. ;)

This time I'm experimenting with trying to find sequence breaks. Does anyone know if it's possible to get super missiles before spore spawn?
I also broke into Tourian from the room where you originally got the morph ball as soon as I had the speed booster. It was really tricky.. having to chain a bunch of speed boosts and kill the red pirates with the speed booster through a couple of rooms.

I ended up walking past the power bomb and x-ray scope down there too, but had no way of getting them since you'd need to have power bombs to open up the cages.. If only I could get a power bomb. >_<
Fighting mother brain wasn't all that hard even with low amount of e-tanks, since the rinkas do drop missiles and health within the boss room. Had to farm after destroying the zebetite but yeah not all that hard.

But oh man, if I could get the x-ray before Tourian blows up that would be incredibly satisfying. But I need power bombs to get it.

If anyone knows of any other cool sequence breaks for this I'd love to hear it.


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Re: Metroid Super ZeroMission

Postby Burb » 02.07.16 4:33am

I'll add to my last post that I ended up trying to complete the game as fast as I could.
Got an in-game time of 2:46 (realtime 4:28)

Defeated spore spawn without ice (bomb jump past that ripper before the switch) and skipped Kraid by going through the back-door and get speedbooster. Rest of the game pretty much normal.
Supers (spore-spawn)
Speedbooster (Kraid back-door through Norfair)

(from here om pretty much normal..)
Wave Beam
Spring Ball
Ice Beam

Enter lower Norfair
Norfair Unknown Item
Defeat Ridley
Unlock L-2

Enter Tourian
Defeat Mother Brain
Get Power Bomb
Tourian Unknown Item
Brinstar Unknown Item
Unlock L-3

Enter Chozodia after breaking pirate glass
Defeat Botwoon
Gravity Suit
Unlock L-4

Enter Space Pirate Mothership
Defeat final boss
If anyone with more experience with the game has any suggestions of what could be removed or how I could change it to be more optimal I'd love to hear it. I'd love to be able to complete the game in under three hours. (realtime)

The only thing I can think of right now is to break into Tourian early right after you get the speedbooster (well, go nab the ice beam and possibly spring ball too before you try that..) through the hidden path left of where the morph-ball originally was. (requires coming through the door with speed and crouching and aiming down) But ultimately it's not really worth it because you'd have pretty low energy at this point so it would be really risky. (Super Metroid scene especially, you really can't let it latch on AT ALL even after you break the glass)

And besides you still need to unlock the L2 in pirate ship through ridleys portal in order to get to Chozodia unfortunately. Unless you could get a super short charge and go up left of the ship but that's insanely hard to do in real-time.

Any sequence breaks possible except for skipping ice before spore spawn and the Kraid back-door that I'm unaware of?


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Re: Metroid Super ZeroMission

Postby Star1 » 03.10.16 6:48am

Hi guys, I've been playing this a lot lately (recently defeated Phantoon), and after that I decided to try to get some more missiles and energy tanks and so on. So I was just curious, what is the highest item percentage anyone has gotten on actual hardware. Granted, my skills for shinespark trickery are likely sub-par, but some powerups seem damn near impossible to get without using save states/slow downs.

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Re: Metroid Super ZeroMission

Postby Infinity's End » 05.08.16 9:26pm

Had to share this... I didn't even consider attempting Hard Mode. It's shit like this that's keeping me from doing it:
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