Is Super Metroid perfect?

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Re: Is Super Metroid perfect?

Postby Zynux » 03.24.14 5:36pm

You're right though. Most modern games are missing something.
Maybe the access to high-end technology is issue? Back then, when they didn't have such technology available, they needed to truly innovate and be creative to make a game that truly stands out. I think these days they rely too much on the technology, like graphics, to carry the games for them.
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Re: Is Super Metroid perfect?

Postby HYRUL3 » 03.25.14 6:27am

I honestly just think it's greedy publishers that want to rush the game to the shelf. Games are given such a short development window, so quality just isn't the same.
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Re: Is Super Metroid perfect?

Postby Cryptid10 » 10.15.14 1:37pm

I guess I’ll give my opinion. Sure, it’s an older topic, but I might as well put it somewhere.

To start, I’ll just list off some basic problems I have with it. the floaty physics, horrible controls for running and diagonal aiming, hard to learn broken wall jump, and barely any originality story wise. It's pretty much just Metroid 1 again, with some “save the metroid larvae" put in for extra effect. Sure, the ending was amazingly well done, but they pretty much used all creative story moments they had in that scene.

Final boss: Mother Brain in the final battle really does punch you in the face with the whole “suddenly a dinosaur” thing, but gameplay-wise, is it really that good? All you do is jump over a few attacks and shoot her head. The cinematic feel is amazing, but otherwise the fight isn’t much. Even in the final phase, you just jump and shoot.

Story: Yes their was some new aspects to the series after super. The plot with the baby advanced, it built on the story of the baby after metroid 2, but looking deep into the story shows it’s nothing really special. Samus brings the larvae to Ceres space colony to be studied, Ridley steals it, find the baby. Really? I know Metroid’s story was short even in the manual, but c’mon. Three games in, and they still do this? Atmosphere in Metroid is what makes the games shine, and it brings out gameplay and the world, but games like prime had the story in there, and it really drew out the feel. It made you feel like you had a mission to accomplish, and wasn’t just a “do the thing, get to the thing” plot.

Controls: Referring to the wall jump, anyone who has played super over and over can do it no problem, but what about new players? When I first tried it, I really had trouble, and I dreaded having to wall jump after this experience. Others like button layout were ok, but they could change some aspects. Having to press select to use missiles was annoying. Plus, you need to get used to the floaty physics. Otherwise, their just weird.

Overall, super is still an amazing game, and you will never forget your first play through it. But over time, the replay ability story-wise is pretty boring. Again, this is all opinion, so their is always going to be argument on these subjects. :X:
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Re: Is Super Metroid perfect?

Postby Crabb » 11.14.15 10:25pm

If you exclude the quicksand, probably.
But I barely played any metroid games, so my argument is invalod.


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Re: Is Super Metroid perfect?

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 01.07.16 6:29pm

Pretty much subjective.
Me: no but high quality gameplay,atmosphere,and music I would say yes the whole game is great except 1 factual game sin in this one it's maridia's navigation (its atmosphere and music is good but that still doesn't retract the sin).

Total sins: 1
Sentence: ....... 100% maridia ... FOREVER!!!

If you don't get the general reference look up gaming sins But in all seriousness super is awesome, perfect no but awesome yes

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