What 2D Metroid is Number 1?

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Whats your favourite Metroid???

Metroid 2 Return of Samus
Super Metroid
Metroid Fusion
Metroid Zero Mission
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What 2D Metroid is Number 1?

Postby RedMage » 01.09.08 12:04am

For me its SM. The toggle system was gold. And as for the upgrades most people would agree that Speed Booster rulz....The maps were a huge jump in the right direction (literally). And the intro was deep and as alot of metroid masters have said it"set the mood from M1,M2 (M2DX)". But im rambling......In one sentance. It set the bar for all Metroids.....

and yes I know M2 DX is the same as M2. It just had a few changes so I thought id ad it in the poll. Such as Color,Missles hatch ect.... :metroid:

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Postby CptTuke » 01.09.08 5:06pm

Super Metroid is and will always be my favourite Metroid game, if not my favourite game of all time (thus far).

While it was Metroid II that brought me to the series, Super Metroid is what really sucked me in. It was the first game that I actually completed, and for a few years after it was the only game that I completed without the aid of a guide or walk through, other games just couldn't keep me in enough to want to complete them on my own.

It was also SM that led me to the MDb back in '97, and even though I never used to post alot on the old boards (And still don't really post that much on the new ones either), it's one of the best communities I've felt a part of.

I first found out about SM from Nintendo Powers 100th issue, it was like # 3 or 4 on their list of 100 greatest Nintendo games. Reading about it made me want to play it like nothing else, and then I realized it was the sequel to Metroid II, which I had been chipping away at during the summers we spent at the lake when I was younger. I immediately went out and rented it, and played it almost non stop for the week I had it. I then went out and bought the first copy I could find. It took me a few months to get through it, with a total play time of close to 30 hours my first time though. Beating Mother Brain felt like such a huge accomplishment, and the escape was so exhilarating. There have only been a small handful of games that have given me the same feeling through their endings, and every game since always gets compared to SM.

The gameplay, the atmosphere, the music, everything about SM was perfect, I wouldn't change a thing about it. I think I'll go play some right now..,


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Postby Abodos » 01.09.08 6:10pm

Personally, I would have to say Metroid Fusion, the game that originally introduced me to the series in the first place.

The gameplay and controls had been streamlined from how they were in Super Metroid. Arming missiles was a breeze and felt natural. Unlike other Metroid games, or even unlike most games in general, where health was regained by picking up basic balls of energy, Fusion had the X-parasites, mobile health pick-ups that were in themselves important to the plot. In fact, Fusion still has the best plot of all the games in the series, full of conspiracy, intrigue, and suspense. You would feel very afraid whenever you were caught in the same room as the SA-X, making you dread facing it again. When you finally became powerful enough to battle it, what follows is one of the hardest and most intense fights in the series.

Many veteran Metroid fans might not like the forced linearity or help system added in this game. But please, give Nintendo the chance to move the series in new directions; it just might help draw in news fans of the series, just like Metroid Fusion did to me. :metroid:
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Postby RedMage » 01.09.08 7:51pm

CptTuke wrote:
The gameplay, the atmosphere, the music, everything about SM was perfect, I wouldn't change a thing about it. I think I'll go play some right now..,

You had taken the words out of my mouth


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Postby Road » 01.10.08 6:44pm

I picked Zero Mission, mainly because its portable and Super Metroid isn't :(. Fortunatly, I still keep the Super Nintendo with SM around if I ever feel nostalgic. I'll add additional depth in due time but at the moment I'm making a kick ass chili :)
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Postby CapCom » 01.10.08 10:02pm

Actually, there's no Metroid 2 DX. Metroid 2 has a specific color palette on the GBC, but that's it - the game was never re-released. You are probably thinking of the rom hack someone did to give the game true 'dx' color.

I used to like M2 the most, but I don't see much argument against Super Metroid. While MZM and Fusion have introduced new things here and there, Super has an incredibly high bar in every single category and I can't find myself liking the incredibly ridiculous missile pack puzzles in the GBA games that have no purpose other than to see if you've mastered Shinesparking. There's more interesting applications for that technique, as sequence breaking in Super Metroid demonstrates. I'd love to see them use it on a boss.
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Postby RedMage » 01.10.08 10:25pm

CapCom wrote:Actually, there's no Metroid 2 DX. Metroid 2 has a specific color palette on the GBC, but that's it - the game was never re-released. You are probably thinking of the rom hack someone did to give the game true 'dx' color.

really? I have seen on the Metroid database on M2 the pic on it has a gamboy color and on the screen is m2 dx color???? M2dxhttp://mdb.classicgaming.gamespy.com/?g=m2 :? . And have seen edit on wikipedia that it was released in 1999. Can some one tell me whats goin on??? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metroid_II ... n_of_Samus :? :?


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Postby Conq » 01.10.08 11:39pm

You fail at reading. Just below that bit on the Wikipedia page is the following text:

"Some pictures were shown but the game never saw daylight despite the release of the colorized version of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening."


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Postby Teedra » 01.11.08 11:18pm

Super metroid was my favorite, but fusion was the best developed in story. Both could be made better though

Kraid Raid

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Postby Kraid Raid » 01.12.08 9:12pm

Looks like Super Metroid is far and away the favorite. The galaxy is at peace...


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Postby ProjectLeaderGuy » 01.15.08 12:22pm

Metroid 1, 2 and 3 are far and away my favorites in the series. The care, experimentation and inspiration of the soundtracks is a big part of that.

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Postby Lord Recluse » 01.31.08 8:45pm

hands down it's got to be Super Metroid for me but MZM comes in close too :metroid:



Postby RedMage » 01.31.08 8:52pm

Lord Recluse wrote:hands down it's got to be Super Metroid for me but MZM comes in close too :metroid:

I agree entrirely SM was the best of the best SIR! and MZM was an awesome remake of Metroid except for Shine sparking for items (A bit tedious).


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Postby craigrobbo » 02.01.08 6:23am

I think SM just hit the nail on the head, everything was right. the only one thing that let it down was it was in a way too perfect i say this ony for one reason...no/lack of secret worlds.
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Postby ZXVanX » 03.22.08 10:04pm

I voted Fusion, it was new and had its own style, and it has this Dark mysterious and suspense ambience with it! also freakin me out when we encounter SA-X, run run run RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!
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