What 2D Metroid is Number 1?

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Whats your favourite Metroid???

Metroid 2 Return of Samus
Super Metroid
Metroid Fusion
Metroid Zero Mission
Total votes : 110

Emperor Ing

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Re: What 2D Metroid is Number 1?

Postby Emperor Ing » 10.06.14 9:02am

"Hidden" expansions has been a facet of the series since the first game though. They all revolve around it. Sometimes the hiding place is obvious, other times careful bombing or maneuvering is required.
must be some sorta side effect of the hatchling or maybe she should stop going down on Miyamoto.

Meta Ridley

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Re: What 2D Metroid is Number 1?

Postby Meta Ridley » 12.16.14 6:59pm

My favorite 2D might actually be Zero Mission now that I think about it.

Halfway through the video this guy talks about Zero Mission and I completely agree with him.


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Re: What 2D Metroid is Number 1?

Postby gbf2000 » 01.08.15 5:13am

Metroid Zero Mission is my absolute favourite Metroid game, [METROID] and Super Metroid comes right behind it.


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Gamma Metroid
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Re: What 2D Metroid is Number 1?

Postby Khyron » 05.13.15 10:55pm

and Chrono Trigger, an RPG that extremely impressed me.
Zynux, If you're not familiar, give Secret of Mana a shot. Far and away my favorite action RPG of all time.

Meta & GBF, I'm with you 100%. The physics in Zero are inspired! Zero brought the original, a game I love for the depth of exploration that it offered, into the 21st century. That game showed us (and more importantly, the industry) that 2D platformers as a genre were still relevant. Maybe I should defer to the original as my favorite as none of the other games would exit without it, but I'm not. ;)


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Re: What 2D Metroid is Number 1?

Postby MerlinDrazziw » 05.27.15 9:15am

Just voted SM, though I've played M2 more often. M2 was my first Metroid game and I still like to play it, but SM is just the best. Only negative about SM is the french/german subtext at start and end of the game in the european VC version (on Wii and Wii U). MZM is the best portable Metroid game imo.


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Re: What 2D Metroid is Number 1?

Postby Bragatyr » 06.09.15 8:39pm

I haven't played Zero Mission yet, but it's gotta be Super Metroid for me. The soundtrack alone catapults it into top ten gaming territory for me, and then you add everything else the game did incredibly right and it's hard to beat.


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Re: What 2D Metroid is Number 1?

Postby Xandalf » 07.12.15 10:19am

Super and Fusion are the only ones I played, the NES Metroid too but I never finished it, and I gotta say I prefer Fusion over Super. I don't know, maybe I suck at non-linearity. Fusion overall is probably one of the most unique Metroid games along with Prime 2.
My biggest complaint with Fusion is that the enemies do WAY too much damage.


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Re: What 2D Metroid is Number 1?

Postby CrazyMissilesSamus » 09.02.16 4:09pm

I think my pick are both Super Metroid and Zero Mission.
Super Metroid has incredible level design and exploration depth, and it's amazing the amount of different ways you can beat the game and reach certain parts of each area.
Metroid Zero Mission is a remake done right. It didn't just remake the NES Metroid, but it upgraded it to the 21st century and added an epic last level with the Space Pirates.
That last level where you're Zero Suit Samus and have to sneak by undetected is one of my favorite parts of the game, kind of reminds me of the old Metal Gear games. You feel really helpless since the Space Pirates can kill you easily and you can't defend yourself, all you can do is temporarily paralyze them, run away and hide. You wonder how in the hell will Samus get out of this situation.
But then, you come across a room that looks ancient, in the style of ancient Egypt, no less.
And then, after surpassing a certain trial, you get your entire suit back and finally, FINALLY, you can start kicking some ass and no longer have to hide. Add to that, a slight and awesome remix of Brinstar's theme and you got yourself a truly epic moment.
That moment right there, when I first played it, felt so awesome, that it became one of my favorite games EVER!


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Re: What 2D Metroid is Number 1?

Postby TheHeroOfMinish » 07.07.17 11:23pm

Though I love Super with the entire core of my being I find Zero Mission to be the more enjoyable game, only because it takes Zebes and makes it bigger, more lively and more dangerous than the first game could ever do. It shows that while atmosphere is important fun trumps it almost every way. Yes, the tunes of Super are outstanding, and the colours set the mood, but a wider variety of bright tones and enthusing melodies is more up my alley. It does all this while being a handheld, mind you. The pacing and sequence breaking opportunities also make it a game that, while easy and short, gives you the ability to play the game differently each time.


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Re: What 2D Metroid is Number 1?

Postby MrPerson0 » 07.24.17 3:13pm

Zero Mission hands down. Super was alright, but it became pretty stale after a few playthroughs. Zero Mission still manages to stay fresh with its great controls and tight physics.


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Re: What 2D Metroid is Number 1?

Postby DroW » 07.30.17 12:28am

I feel like M:ZM is a perfect balance between the narrative and physics of Fusion, and the open-world, exploration based Super Metroid. Plus, since it took the original Metroid, an already masterful game (albeit weared out by time) and just expanded on it with new graphics and extra bosses/powerups, it has to be one of the greatest in the 2D series. I also hear many people complain about the stealth sequence at the end. I can't understand it since I think it was done extremely well. It was a little annoying towards the Chozo ruins area with the suit, and the escape sequence, but other than that it was an excellent change of pace from the main game.

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