Quick thoughts on Metroid 2: Return of Samus.

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Quick thoughts on Metroid 2: Return of Samus.

Postby Cryptid10 » 01.08.15 8:16am

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I got Metroid 2 around the end of last year, and recently completed it. I really noticed just how different it was than any other metroid. But I realized most complaints people hase about the game aren't THAT bad. My few complaints were that their were some areas that you would have a pretty hard time finding, but at the same time, those made you think outside the box.
For those of you who haven't seen it, I suggest you go watch The super metroid hidden tutorial video by Digressing and Sidequesting on youtube. He explains how the game cements things in the players mind by making then stand out. He makes it seem as if this originated in super, but it was in Metroid 2...well...too.

For example: You have just beaten all the metroids but one. To reach it, you need to reach a room that is up very high. You have spider ball, but their are spikes on the wall, preventing you from going past a certain point. If you, however, make your way up to the top of the ruins in the center, you may notice a small creature just on the top of the screen floating. If you freeze it and jump on it, you will see another one, but it's out of reach. This cements this in your mind, as you know their may be something there, so later on after you find the hard to locate high jump boots, you will go running back to that area.

Finally, I'd like to touch on the atmosphere. During the final area, the game sets a more serious tome. Even one area before it, the game throws a new metroid stage at you (the omega metroid) while deep serious music plays. When you reach the final area, the music is even more serious. When you get to a room containing a chozo statue, the statue is destroyed. (possibly by something nearby...) When you reach the adult metroids, the music becomes frantic as they rush at you. You will need ice beam, so be happy it was on the statue. Once you kill them all, you reach the room by the queens lair. The music goes to a final, deep tone so you know it's the final metroid, and it's gonna be big. Even the fight is tough. Unless you know the tactics to beat her, you will die quick, or you will spot a small crevice for you to run away in with your dignity dribbling down your pant-leg. After the battle, you find a metroid egg that hatches a friendly baby metroid, so you take it with you, unaware of the events it will cause.

While it is great, no game is perfect. I don't like how some items are too hard to locate, and are in tiny crevices behind a random block. I also wish their were a few more methods of killing metroids, cause if you don't have lots 'o missiles saved up, you will be in trouble. But these complaints are of a tiny mouse on to of a roaring lion with a jet pack.

In the end the game is great, if not underrated. i loved it, and would like to hear what you loved, or what bugged you about the game. Thanks for your time. :D
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Re: Quick thoughts on Metroid 2: Return of Samus.

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 01.22.16 7:32pm


1: the plasma beam will kill everything but the metroids and the jump ball boss in 1 hit plus it gave you a lot of breathing room as it would push back the metroid a lot more than the other beams if you wanted to escape due to lack of missiles its just So effective all the other beams are meaningless if/when you find this.

2: fighting alpha's and gamma's: espicially alphas I love fighting these guys and gammas are fun too

3: the level of isolation: the only advanced lifeform besides you is locked tight in the plot vault ... The contents are the x ... No ridly, motherbrain, chozo ruins only, no ylla ... Just you, the metroids, a contract and a planet to explore. Sounds great to me and it is.


1: zeta's and omega's: zeta's are terrible to fight omega's aren't as bad but are still bad

2: lack of boss varity: sure you get the jumpball boss but there should have been more ... IMO.

3: water and lava look the SAME!!!

4: The area's start to blend in together this is an even bigger problem if you rely on a map

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