Which style is the best for Metroid?

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Which style is the best for Metroid?

Postby Taelin Aurel » 08.30.15 4:37pm

While I do not have permissions to create a poll, I have a question for the the Metroid maniacs out there. Please provide a response and a reason for the answer.

Which of the following styles are the best for a Metroid game?
2D scrolling platform (Classic)
3D first-person adventure (Primes)
mix of the two (MOM)

I posted this in the classic forum because I think that the scrolling platform style works best so far with the franchise. This style allows the use of Samus' power ups like space jump, speed booster, and screw attack to the most effect. Additionally, hidden routes and hidden areas just seem to work better, IMO. To me, the scroller gives the player the best venue to really have exploration and open-ended gameplay without being constrained by heavy-handed story-driven plot.

I appreciate the first person approach and the flexibility that 3D environments give to a game like the primes, however, there is a whole litany of other games that utilize the same principles. There is not much that Metroid can do to set itself apart from other similar games.

As for MOM, one of the biggest critiques I have of the game is that it always seems like Samus moves along a rail that lacks the fluidity of movement of games like Super and Fusion and the ability to move freely in a 3D environment of the primes. Also, the transitions between side-scroller and first person were a bit clunky.


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Re: Which style is the best for Metroid?

Postby Zynux » 08.30.15 10:40pm

Depends what you are going for.

2D is better for a more run-and-gun action and utilizing Samus' mobility and weaponry, which sometimes doesn't translate as well to 3D (Screw Attack for example). I think 3D is far better for capturing an Adventure feel for exploring vast environments, locations, and themes.
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Re: Which style is the best for Metroid?

Postby Xandalf » 09.02.15 4:51pm

I prefer the Prime games. Naturally, I prefer 2D games because the views don't get screwed up and it's less glitch-y. But the Prime games really nailed the physics and environment. I feel that overall Prime is more flexible. I'd love to see them implement some currently 2D exclusive things like Kraid, Spazer Beam, and the Metroid Evolution. I can imagine a tense battle against an Omega Metroid Prime styled... it makes me drool. :geemer: Although I feel this subject would be better off carried elsewhere. I haven't played Other M so I don't have any say on that, unfortunately.

Of course, this is all subjective. There is no true 'best style' for Metroid.


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Re: Which style is the best for Metroid?

Postby MerlinDrazziw » 09.03.15 7:06am

I don't really prefer one over the other. But 2D Metroid is best suited for portable consoles and 3D Metroid for home consoles. 3D or semi-3D could work on the 3DS, but the small screen would lose to much detail. Don't know if they can improve on the Prime Metroid games and 'classic' (GBA) platform games, they're welcome to try!
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