Total items for Metroid Super Zero Mission and other 2 games

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Total items for Metroid Super Zero Mission and other 2 games

Postby rogeriorissi » 10.22.15 6:57am

Hello everyone! Great site, great forum, great comunity! This is my first post. Me and my friend got Metroid Super Zero Mission, Super Metroid Ice Metal Uninstall and Super Metroid Z-Factor (this last one isn't in the Maps and Guides section). I would like to know the numer of total items in each of these 3 games, since I couldn't find them elsewhere. I have the maps with the items, but since these games are pretty hard to find the items and I want to grab 100%, including opening the full map, I will need this so I can be sure I got everything. I think this is the best place to know this. So I need like "250 missiles, 50 super missiles, 30 power bombs, 26 energy tanks, etc" in each of those 3 games, because sometimes you can grab a missile that raises the total amount by 3, intead of 5, and in Super Zero Mission, there are the 1/2 Energy Tanks, for example. Any links and suggestions are welcome, and thanks for any future replies!

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Re: Total items for Metroid Super Zero Mission and other 2 g

Postby Infinity's End » 10.23.15 5:09pm

Z-Factor Map:
The guy who runs Metroid Map Station is usually pretty damn on-point and up to date with every hack that's released. Since we're basically reposting his content, we have fallen behind. The main site is linked in our affiliates page, though.

I can't give you totals. You'll have to rely on someone else on the forum. If all else fails, you may need to reach out to another affiliate site like Metroid2002 or MetroidConstruction.
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