Your thoughts on each of the classic games

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Re: Your thoughts on each of the classic games

Postby The Illustrative Man » 12.11.16 2:52am

2D Games

Metroid - Dated to the point that it's a chore to play. Gameplay mechanics in particular have not aged well, such as: Spawning with 30 HP, Enemies you can't shoot because you can't squat/aim diagonally, mandatory items hidden behind walls with no clue as to how to get there, etc. Still impressive what was done with NES limitations, but it's definitely my least favorite.

Return - Also dated, but not as bad. I haven't played much of M2 though. #9 on the favorite list, by default.

Super - Fantastic level design, sound design, boss design, etc. Controls are floaty as hell and could really use a tune-up. Probably my 4th favorite Metroid game. #4.

Fusion - I'm a huge fan of Fusion. Fantastic blend of linear/branching that keeps the exploration of the Metroid series intact while allowing a story to be told. Nice blend of survival horror with the X and especially the SA-X. Tremendous progression from being super weak at the start to being an absolute tank at the end. Has the best controls in the series, bar none. Could definitely use a "speed-run" option that disables/minimizes text. My #1 Metroid game.

Zero Mission - As I'm a fan of Fusion it comes as no surprise that I also like Zero Mission, which utilizes the same core to create an incredibly responsive Samus. Having never owned the game I've only played parts of it, but it's still good enough to take my #2 spot.

3D Games

Prime - The game I got started on the series with. The amount of little details in the game is nothing short of amazing. I've spent YEARS looking around and finding new details. Unfortunately the game is starting to age. Since Prime came to be on the GameCube, which didn't lend itself well to twin-stick shooters, the controls are quite clunky in the modern world. Used to be my #1, but as it ages it's drifted to #3.

Hunters - I spent way too much time playing this game considering what it is. Handled the DS incredibly well for control, but the story was atrocious. #6.

Echoes - A disappointment compared to Prime. I'm not a big fan of the overused Light/Dark trope, and it suffers from a lot of quality-of-life issues. Still gets plus points for breaking out of the standard Metroid Fire/Water/Jungle tropes, and also for Quadraxis. #5.

Corruption - By far the worst of the Prime trilogy, Corruption tried too hard to be epic and go toe-to-toe with Halo and the like. Like a kid filling an adult's suit, it just made it all the worse. While it had it's up points (Intro, Valhalla, Skyworld), it had a lot more downs (Norion, Bryyo, Phaze, the Seeds). #7

Other M - Despite winning this game in a competition, I have yet to play it beyond a few hours on Dolphin. I think the core mechanics have a tremendous amount of potential which was hampered by Nintendo forcing the additions of First-Person and Scan-Visor modes to capitalize on the Prime series. #8

Pinball - The only one I've never played.

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