See you next mission. Just bought Zero Mission

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See you next mission. Just bought Zero Mission

Postby Taelin Aurel » 03.01.16 12:40am

I just pulled the trigger and purchased Zero Mission for the GBA. Don't have a WiiU to get it on the virtual console, so this was my only option. I'm excited about it as this will be the last of the side-scrollers for me to play. Been a fan since 1986 or 1987 and the original Metroid and still vividly remember buying RoS in 1991 for the original Gameboy. It'll be an interesting re-imagining of those old missions.


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Re: See you next mission. Just bought Zero Mission

Postby Zynux » 03.01.16 2:35am

Really fun but also short. Shorter then Super at least.
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Re: See you next mission. Just bought Zero Mission

Postby Tuhlohr » 06.12.16 2:22am

I'm sure you'll really enjoy Zero Mission, But I'm really interested in hearing your opinion of it since you've been a fan of the Original for so long. Let me know what you think of it

I don't want to risk effecting your first play through with my opinions on the game so don't read below until you've played the game
I feel it's a great remake overall. However I have two problems with it; It's a lot more linear, which wouldn't bother me quite so much if the game allowed the player to turn off the hint system like in the prime games. It's not a big deal, but it just gets a little annoying on repeat playthroughs. My other Problem is the game's physics, It's not bad but i think it makes platforming (And Aiming at times) more Difficult than in previous 2D games

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