Definitive metroid 1? neither is perfect...

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Definitive metroid 1? neither is perfect...

Postby zaphod77 » 06.21.16 2:11am

NES Metroid.

1) no LOADING!
2) improved escape music.
3) suitless samus mode. :)
4) NAR PASSWORD (named after the programmer that converted the game)
5) easier to romhack.
2) enemy behavior is wrong. it's more random on FDS.
3) worse title tune, ending tune, and jingles.
4) wirse sound effects in general.

FDS version

1) saves!
2) awesome music and sounds.
3) proper enemy randommess.

1) no suitless samus mode
2) worse escape tune.
3) slow loading.

Can someone make a version that has th best of both worlds?

i woudl have
1) japanse music
2) but US escape music.
3) proper enemy behavior from JP.
4) saves
5) no loading.

can this be done?


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Re: Definitive metroid 1? neither is perfect...

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 08.29.16 12:31am

It can be done with enough knowledge/a rom editor. If you REALLY wanted it bad enough you can rise above lazyness and end up doing it yourself. Eitherway is fine. I would like to introduce you to a metroid title called metroid zero mission it's in the gameboy advanced and wii u virtual console. If you have a gamecube, controller, disc, and the gameboy player you can also play it on your tv/monitor. Like all games its not perfect but it is a million times better than the original metroid. Metroid database has made a hack of the original metroid or rather its simply on the site I'm not entirely sure of its creators but if you want check that out too. Either way you should check get zero mission when you can.

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