How to get Bikini ending for noobs.

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How to get Bikini ending for noobs.

Postby zaphod77 » 07.02.16 4:12am

First the hints.

1) don't even try to get 100%. It's impossible ot do that AND get bikini without using glitches/ up and a, or both.
2) get ridley first, as you can use screw attack on ridley when she jumps.
3) use ridley's missiles to kill kraid.
4) chose when you get your energy tanks wisely to save time.
5) it's easier with a new game plus (press start after the end)because you will start with ice beam, long beam, high jump boots, varia, and screw attack. :)

The easiest way, with new game plus, in spoiler.
Instead of collecting missiles first, go across and collect energy tank first. then go back and collect missiles. go to norfair. make a beeline directly to ridleys hideout with 5 missiles. Use them to get the energy tank, then make a beeline from there to ridley. use ice beam to freeze his fireballs, then screw attack him as he jumps. with care you will win. collect energy tank, then up and a. up elevator, then up and a. up elevator, then up and a. go straight to kraids hideupt. collect first energy tank, then use morph jump to get to Kraid fast. just charge him and pump him full of missiles. collect his energy tank, then up and a. go out of hideout and collect hidden Brinstar energy tank. do tourian, taking it slowly and killing every metroid.
You can do it the first tie through, but then you actually have to collect the items. Easiest order is.
normal first missile, normal long beam, walldoor tech to get ice beam, normal first energy tank, ice beam, walldoor to go up, second energy tank, second missile, use walldoor to get varia, go to norfair, get high jump get screw attack, get energy tank, use walldoor through ceiling after you get back to vertical from there, go left to fix scroll, then back right, and on to ridley. collect energy tank four, beat ridle,y collect energy tank 5, up and a, p elevator, up adn a, up elevator, up and a, go to kraids hideout collect energy tank 6, use morph jump to get to kraid fast, beat kraid, up and a, up elevator, collect energy tank 7( hidden near start of brinstar) do tourian. again be careful.
Have fun. :)

There are faster ways, but these are the easiest methods in my opinion.

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