Metroid Fusion & Zeromission debug menus

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Metroid Fusion & Zeromission debug menus

Postby Deathfiend » 09.08.16 6:13pm

I am new here. I am wondering if these codes to bring up the debug menus (so abilities can be turned on/off) work the handheld gba versions of action replay and codebreaker:

For Zeromission, the CODEBREAKER code is: 730016C4 0080
83000BF0 0006

For FUSION, the ACTION REPLAY code is: CD6169F3 D8989D47
BE00B773 395EF076

If anyone on here can confirm if both of these codes for the their respective devices on the GBA, that would be greatly appreciated. Also if ALL abilities, including suits, can be turned on/off in zeromission.


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Re: Metroid Fusion & Zeromission debug menus

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 09.14.16 8:29pm

I'm not sure if they work on GBA but I do know that there are roms that will allow you to equip/unequip in zero mission or those might be part of cheatcodes, eitherway you can mess with the equip with the right tools in zero mission as well as fusion. The only metroid game where you cannot mess with equipment is other m at least I'm pretty sure that's true.

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