Help! I cannot get debug mode to work in Fusion!

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Help! I cannot get debug mode to work in Fusion!

Postby Deathfiend » 09.28.16 1:09am

I decided to go with a gba emulator for Metroid Fusion and Zeromission. I want to use the debug mode feature for fusion so i can turn abilities on/off. But I cant get it to work! I downloaded the debug mode AND the IPS utility patch from metroid databases page for apps&downloads!! I also DID sort of "open" the luner IPS application with the debug mode file. Sorry if that does not make much sense, i am a total noob when it comes to emulators, patches, etc. This gba emulator is the first emulator i ever downloaded! I am totally new to this, please help if you can! When i open the game i go to file and choose the load patch option and select the debug mode file, i press start and press r and nothing happens! If ANY fellow metroid fanatic can help, it would be appreciated greatly. pics or video may help alot if able to.

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