Metroid Zero Mission: Possible Glitch Beam Found?

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Metroid Zero Mission: Possible Glitch Beam Found?

Postby Cuddles » 07.04.17 8:01pm


Many of you may know the VAR Beam glitch from Super Metroid, which allows players to corrupt memory in-game and can lead to thing like restarting the game with all items. This can be done legitimately by glitching the spazer and plasma beam to active at once. However, this discovery ISN'T quite legitimate yet. It involves using a cheat code ( -_-; )

By using the CodeBreaker Code 83000A3A ####, you can change your active beam shot for the duration the code is on. However, setting it to 83000A3A FFFF, or certain high ranges, can cause all sorts of memory leaks, breaks, corruption, or ROM crashes. The following effects of the Code 83000A3A FFFF is listed below:

- Can cause tile, collision, or map corruption (and, yes, you can break collision)
- Can cause save corruption
- Can cause dying to softlock the game and Sleep Mode to completely crash Emulators
- Can cause Samus's Beam to stay mid-air and not move (does to bombs and PBombs too, but they freeze when trying to explode)
- Reset item or boss data within a save file in order to collect them or fight bosses again.
- Messes up music and/or sounds.

I will trying to find more details about what this code does, but I'm not a ROM Hacker, so I can't look into the game of why this happens. My best guess is that the way the code works when setting the current beam it sets an object, which beams or part of that list, but values not corresponding to those beams spawns a glitchly fake beam or bomb.

Here's a video showing it in action. Within the video, I show my save files being corrupted (because the demo Samus's Beam gets effect, too.), map and tile data corrupting, and a glitched corrupted save file I managed to save and grab before recording this video (Save C). And, sorry, the top of the game is a little cut by the window I recorded. Sorry.

Hope to talk or get some investigation later,

P.S. I'm new to the forums, so if you have any tips please suggest them to me.

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