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Dark Zeek

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Create Your Own Metroid Character

Postby Dark Zeek » 07.15.08 7:17pm

In this thread you create your own characters. Here is mine.
Name:Dark Zeek
Age: 13
Amour: Corruption
Weapons:Phazon Beam, Phazon Missiles, Phazon Grapple,
Unique Power: Can Control Phazon
Powers:Fire Ball, Shape Shift
Ship Type: XZ-107
Ship Name: Spectre
Base:Pirate Homeworld, Planet center
Orign: Corrupted at the age of seven, Zeek took a liking to his new phazon power. Now know as Dark Zeek he likes to corrupt Planet to make them his own. The he uses his powers the more un-human he becomes! Readings show that his corruption levels are at 95%. He will destroy/kill anything in his to rule the universe!

Silver Skree

Postby Silver Skree » 07.15.08 7:32pm

Kinda cheesy, but what the hell.

Name: Benjamin
Age: mid 20's
Occupation: Student under Samus Aran, who has long since retired from bounty hunting and started teaching a variety of fighting skills, including marksmanship and Chozo-style martial arts as well as meditation, emotional management and agility skills to those who are willing to endure the training, and has also become one of the most renowned historians in the galaxy.
Benjamin is Samus's best student, and aspires to one day inherit the Power Suit: a privilege granted to only her finest student when she passes away.

Emperor Ing

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Postby Emperor Ing » 07.15.08 10:35pm

Kraid Jr.

Age 17

The son of Kraid wants revenge on Samus for what she did to his father! Now, he is an intergalctic dancer/Sports Drink entrepreneur, hoping for the chance to run into Samus Aran so he can defeat her once and for all!
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Postby NESgamer190 » 07.15.08 10:49pm

NES unit 255
age: 16
armour: GB varia suit (complete with pixelation)
look: Think side hopper, but Cyborg and a laser on top of it.
arament: Ice plasma beam, with a painful bite to go.
Ship: a mere save station, modified to be a vehicle of a launch pod (think Super metroid)
Ship name: Saved by the station.
Base: None (a lone traveler)
Origin: Being of the planet zebes (or zebeth if you must be specific), these creatures would bounce around quite madly, in an attempt to stop any intruders, but due to zebe(th)'s explosion, after mother brain was seemingly history, it was the only thing left, modified by the space pirates. It seeks revenge to get even with the space pirates, even if it means joining up with the enemy of the enemy, samus aran.
Life would be hard for a side hopper that has to hop on a WALL. (can't go through doors on the other wall.)
Too bad Archanus doesn't have a GB equivalent for an avvy.

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