Development Only 3D SR388

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Re: Development Only 3D SR388

Postby joshex » 01.16.16 12:14am


NOOOOOOO it's an image shack link!!!.. I half expected that with it being so old now lol.

the original model is on my linux hard drive half way across the world, I was hoping to get a picture of it though. darn.

I have finally finished one game project, and got a masters degree with it, well it was more of a demo but still it was playable and looked neat. Now I'm here applying for jobs in the game industry and wanted to get this image to show, anyone still have it?

I could always make a new and better one, but not sure I would finish before the position I'm applying for gets filled.

any help would be appreciated. was the original link, it was of the samus suit I made.
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