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Re: Metroid Fan Games (General)

Postby Apothem » 01.17.16 9:00pm

That and slow it down by at least a third, maybe half. I can recognize the pattern but that thing moves way too damn quick.

Pro Tip you'll hear from a lot of developers: Make something you yourself can realistically beat, then make it slightly easier for everyone else. Developers and/or their testers are usually pretty good at what they make, but designing games in that kind of vacuum leads to ridiculous difficulty for most everyone else. That's why so many rom hacks, fan games, and plenty of indie titles are so scatter shot; they're designed for their designers and not anyone else. The developer here could barely beat their own creation. I'd expect even the average member of the Metroid rom hack playing community to be mighty frustrated with that fight. Unless that's the intent of the hack, to be stupidly brutal, then they might wanna tone things down.

Mxyl V

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Re: Metroid Fan Games (General)

Postby Mxyl V » 02.07.17 5:53pm

Has anyone else heard of Metroid Infuzion? It seems to be a Prime-style remake of Fusion, and so far it looks quite promising: ... usion.html ... p0cy_0d57A

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