SR388 : The true Story

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SR388 : The true Story

Postby Smoking Spoon » 10.19.10 4:56pm

Hello :metroid: !

Ok first of all , I'm putting this researh of mine as a fancreation/fanfiction topic . Because Everything is possible especially in the world of videogame :P , you're opinion is good as mine.

And when I will publish my game : Metroid Ethereal (2012-2014), this will absolutely be in my story universe .

Whatever the reason , I don't believe SR388 was annihilated .I'm not trying to cause any problem, (because I think the subject seem to have caused trouble in the past) I just cannot accept being utterly pushed aside when it come to an opinion. :dark: :P

Check this out too ;) :

If there is "real life" science fact you're not sure about ,well you can point them out :awesome: , but I did do a large research with book and internet as resources to know what I'm talking about. I hope you like it , I worked hard on it :D . Also , sorry for grammar and spelling mistake! And do you remember this music in Fusion when there is an obscure event?( 3 piano note(the music is in the video I included) ) Well think of this music while reading this! XD haha.... OK, Let's begin this ..

Meanwhile... in a obscure room , somebody is filing a report....

SR388 :

Planet Size : Unknown ...(All Probe launched from the facility failed to report back due to the hostile and hazardous nature of the environment) But the presence of an atmospheric layer thick enough to contain cloud, suggest it's fairly big. From visual reference , the planet is very similar in size to Earth (Diameter of 12 000 Km).

We can see B.S.L research station(BSL-RS) beginning it's atmospheric entry on the above photo.


Size: Moderate . (A couple of Km)
Status: Destroyed (Intercepted by A.A. weapon Before impact with SR388)
Metroid program status: Terminated (Many DNA fragment are still floating in space near the initial BSL-RS Orbit, due to an emergency separation and self-destruct from BSL-RS . However, the later explosion (Flare) of BSL-RS may have dispersed them.)
+ : This station and it's research are acknowledged and approved by the federation .

Samus Aran :
Status : Outlaw
Info+ : She is responsible for BSL-RS destruction. And attempted to vaporize it on SR388.
+ : Bounty is available for anyone capturing Aran alive. *BE WARNED* Aran is an exceptional warrior.
Here's some footage from BSL-RS security camera.

- - - - - (Someone putted music on the security footage . I have to report this later to my superior.)

Adam Malkovich :
Status : Malfunction Detected (Ghost in the machine | The computer is not obeying)
Info+ : Last intercepted transmission proving disloyalty from the computer:

- - - - " You know that detonating this station in high orbit would not guarantee the complete extinction of the X parasites, even though the station would be utterly destroyed...You would only succeed in removing the one obstacle to the galaxy's ruin...yourself. You would ignore this simple fact and choose death. When Adam decided who would live, he chose incorrectly. ...If you were to alter the station's orbit, then you might be able to include the planet in the vaporization field of the self-destruct detonation. You would have to start the propulsion sequence now. Before the federation arrives." - remaining transmission was scrambled. -

+:Samus may have transfered the program on her ship . If so, Malkovich program is to be TERMINATED.

Last image from BSL-RS before destruction
*Photo sequence by local orbital probe*
(BSL-RS entering SR388 atmosphere ( Likely the mesosphere )) - BSL-RS altitude Estimation : 600-800 KM
(Here , we can see Aran's ship escape) - BSL-RS altitude Estimation : 500-700KM
(last image of BSL-RS before our A.A. weapon destroyed it.) - BSL-RS altitude Estimation : 300-500KM
Just before destruction, the station transmitted an audio data , but the transmission quality is poor due to atmospheric entry :
"...Why?...S...W...Why?..." -End of transmission- . Probably the "Samus Aran breed" of X trying to communicate before dying. ( likely a Human-X / SA-X)
(Destruction of BSL-RS ) altitude Estimation : 250-450KM
The explosion radius inside the atmosphere was approximatively 200 Km (About 88% of the explosion was dampened , full impact would've destroyed everything on the surface and released magma from the planet core...) . The outside (space )explosion radius was about 10 000 Km . Many plant life on SR388 were affected by this flare in the sky , especially the "Blob Thrower", most of them died . However , we have some of them in artificial hothouse . The explosion did cause many damage to our research facility on SR388, even with the latest shielding technology from the Space Pirates. The casualty are estimated to: 147 person ( Most of them were security personnel. The Scientific and high ranked officer did have time to seek shelter in the underground complex though.)
(Second after the detonation . the probe last photo. Samus Aran ship escaping . Five other lifeforms were detected aboard her ship.)
(This is the last one of Aran's ship . We can clearly see the flare behind. However , the probe was destroyed , probably by Aran.)

This is our last radar scan showing Samus (Approximative distance from SR388 : 45 000 km). We could also detect various gas and debris around SR388. Nothing dangerous , even the biggest rubble didn't pass trough the atmosphere. But all those gas did give an interesting effect in the sky, many SR388 lifeforms reacted to it...

Fortunately , a federation fleet arrived to assist.
Approximatively 30 minutes after , Samus came back after noticing SR388 was not destroyed . But one of the fleet captain warned her to not approach . Fools ... she could've been easily captured . Nevertheless , Samus Aran capture is only a matter of time and SR388 have been spared from the BSL-RS crash.
Also , Samus-X strain have been eradicated , thanks to Samus Aran now we can study them without being in danger. The X is pretty dull and foolish if we keep it to minor lifeforms.

~End of Transmission ~


I guess people don't give a shit, lol XD
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Re: SR388 : The true Story

Postby Metroid Huntress » 03.20.11 11:04am

That was awsome! [METROID]

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Re: SR388 : The true Story

Postby Infinity's End » 03.20.11 7:00pm

well if you read the first question here, Sakamoto states he doesn't know the exact reason on how SR-388 was destroyed, but he doesn't say it wasn't destroyed, and suggests it was by some anti-matter bomb. So it's pretty clear the the planet is gone.

I really have no idea why it matters whether it was destroyed, anyway, or why people are so hung up on the idea of it not being destroyed.
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Re: SR388 : The true Story

Postby fox mulder » 03.20.11 8:17pm

I dunno, I like it. :D Pretty freaking awesome.
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Re: SR388 : The true Story

Postby Taelin Aurel » 06.06.11 12:38am

I actually like the idea of SR-388 surviving the BSL asplosion (nod to Strongbad). My fanfiction that I have about 15 pages on so far includes an SR-388 that survived the incident. I don't think it is all that difficult to believe that the planet made it through the explosion, it can really add a nice wrinkle to the universe (as I hope to explain in my fan fiction). Kudos to your research.


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Re: SR388 : The true Story

Postby DarkSammy313 » 04.28.12 8:46pm

That was so AWESOME!!! :awesome: :thumbsup:
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