Unfinished "Samus vs SA-X" animation

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Unfinished "Samus vs SA-X" animation

Postby Varia31 » 12.27.15 8:33pm

So this was an animation I was working on in Garry's Mod quite a while back now. I know the animation isn't the best, being that some movements were awkward looking and a bit floaty and/or slow at times, but overall I think it turned out okay for the most part.


I never got around to finishing it, thanks in part to the number of loading errors I had when trying to pick up where I left off, among other things occupying my time.
So... it is what it is. Hope you all like it!
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Re: Unfinished "Samus vs SA-X" animation

Postby Zynux » 12.28.15 5:02pm

Pretty solid and good foundation. But as you said, some animations just need to be cleaned up and look more natural (0:27 - 0:30 lol) and you will have a great action scene.
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Re: Unfinished "Samus vs SA-X" animation

Postby Snowy Silva » 01.27.16 2:15am

Not much can be said that hasn't already. Though, I find it odd that people use Gmod to create clips. Wouldn't it be easier to get SFM or Blender?
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