Need help with unofficial Metroid animated series project

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Need help with unofficial Metroid animated series project

Postby LOL_DUDE » 12.28.15 6:50pm

I am a huge fan of sci-fi stuff, particularly those with great expanded universes (I.E. Star Wars). I fell in love with the Metroid series when I played through Metroid Prime Trilogy, though I've always felt like the series needs more expanded universe stuff. Thus, I figured that perhaps I could give try to give it a shot, and here I am now.

I got the idea for an animated series in the Metroid universe from watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a great animated series in the Star Wars universe set between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. This Metroid animated series, tentatively titled "Metroid: Horizon", is now something I very much want to see come to fruition. I've been trying to gather friends to help with it, but so far it hasn't gone all that far. Now I am here to find some dedicated Metroid fans that would be willing to help.

We need the following:
-Metroid canon aficionados, to help ensure that the series fits within both the universe and timeline of the Metroid series.
-Writers, to improve my pilot episode script/write scripts for future episodes.
-Voice actors, to provide voiceover performances befitting of the featured characters.
-Composers, to make epic scores based on renowned Metroid compositions that narrate the action.
-Concept artists, to aid in developing designs for both characters and environments.
-Storyboard artists, to provide an outline based on scripts and concept art for proof-of-concept.
-Modelers, to create 3D models based on concept art for use in the animation.
-Texturers, to make said 3D models resemble the art style of the concept art.
-Animators, to use 3D animation software to animate and render the final product.

We can use all the help we can get. There's no deadline on this, but I'm aiming to get it at least partially presentable as soon as possible. If we can get enough support coming from this forum and the project gets up-and-running, then I will probably make another thread that better explains the details of the project. Otherwise, if you're interested, please leave a reply or message me saying so and we can talk about the possibility of your involvement. Note that there probably won't be anything monetary coming out of this, given Nintendo's stinginess on licensing, so this will pretty much just be a passion project.

Thank you for your consideration.

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