Fiction - "The Rising Tide"

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Fiction - "The Rising Tide"

Postby TheChosenOne » 02.18.16 8:35pm

Hey all.

I finally finished the fan fiction I was working on. The first chapter is in the MDb submission queue, but I'm told the whole story probably won't end up being posted to the site because it's too long. So on that note, I figured I could at least host it myself and offer up downloads to whoever wants them.

DL LINK: ... dOnly.docx
(If you'd like a format other than DOCX, let me know and I'll see what I can do.)

The Rising Tide begins several months after the events of Metroid Fusion. It's written with the potential for expansion into a trilogy (assuming I have the time and willpower to bother), so this particular download is credited as Book 1 (though I prefer the term "The Antepenultimate Chapter of the Trilogy"), entitled, "Whispers in the Dark". It's written as a sci-fi epic (rather than sci-fantasy), following Samus as she embarks on the path of a mystery that stands poised to open a whole new chapter in galactic affairs. (Very specific, I know.)

I mention this in the opening notes, but I'd like to note it here, as well. The canon portrayed in this book excludes the Metroid Prime games (well...mostly, as you'll see). It also doesn't assume the MZM manga, though I did try not to specifically discount it.

Total length in the current layout (including title pages and appendices) is 537 pages, about 131,800 words. (I'd recommend you stay out of the Appendices section if you want to avoid spoilers, though if you're into nerdy bonus content, you might find them interesting.)

This is my first effort at a fan fiction, and effectively my first foray into drama. It's also the longest individual thing I've ever written. I won't assume it's the most original or eloquent thing you've ever read, and I feel like it might be a bit...antiseptic, but in any case, I'll be interested to see how it plays with fellow fans. Given the diversity of the fan base (and the nature of the Internet), I'm sure there's plenty of room for hate, but it's a fan fiction, and therefore meaningless.

In any case, I hope you get some enjoyment from it!
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Re: Fiction - "The Rising Tide"

Postby Prioris » 08.21.16 3:13pm

Quite impressive! It appears you and I have had some rather similar ideas about the direction the series would most likely go post-Fusion. (Also loved your appendix notes. You seem to have struggled with Chozo language as much as I did... you're absolutely right to advise just making some stuff up and moving on!!)

Looking forward to seeing any future installments you might add to this series. Exceptionally well done.

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